GoClamp for GoPro Cameras, Mount Anywhere

Project launched May 13, 2013 From Charlotte, NC, USA
Funding ended June 12, 2013 Financial goal $11,000


Jason Ridenhour currently lives in the Charlotte, NC. He used to be a professional basketball player and graduated from University of North Carolina at Asheville. When his basketball career ended, he started working as Senior Sales Support Specialist in Lowe's Home Improvement. Currently he is striving to realize his first startup project The GoClamp.


The GoClamp is a plastic (Polycarbonate) spring clamp with GoPro fittings integrated directly on the neck. It allows so many different camera angles, which is key to making an awesome video.

With the ability to quickly move it from one location to another, the GoClamp saves time from having to un-bolt, re-bolt just to mount on a different surface. This mount can be attached to just about anywhere.


The biggest challenge is that that the authors have never dealt with Plastic Molding before. However, they have worked with tons of vendors for other projects from regular day jobs, so they are confident this process will run smoothly.

Another challenge is the shipping process. Since the authors are not setup to handle large volume of shipments out of the authors’ apartment, it will take several trips to the mail center to send out your GoClamps.