Piano solos From the Heart


 Amber Noelle Mitchell Albany, NY, healthcare specialist by training, always loved the piano, loved playing it, hearing it played, and loved discovering the best arrangements possible. As a fan of Celine Dion, she has dreamt of playing her songs on the piano. Existing piano books couldn’t satisfy her. After years of meticulously searching music stores and the internet, Amber nearly gave up, but then her quest led her beyond convention. One rainy day in May she discovered the work of French musician, Michel Leclerc, and then her quest pleasantly ended. Amber started her Kickstarter campaign on the 4th of January 2013 to support her own piano book, including piano solos for the most popular contemporary songs. It is necessary to raise $500 by the 5th of March to cover advertising and distribution expenses.

Enraged by the politics of the music business and the risk of another great artistic idea falling victim to the economy, Amber started her own music publishing company, Mitchell Music Productions. She undertook the entire project herself as producer and editor of the project. She contacted the songwriters directly and obtained legal permission to create the musical adaptations of their songs. Michel Leclerc composed the original arrangements. Though Celine Dion’s team didn’t permit to use her name and likeness for the book, the book is reminiscent of her, and there are hints throughout the book that the book is dedicated to her.  Celine’s team still allowed to make this book. Amber hopes her book will inspire others to play the piano and discover the power of the music.


After years of formal piano training, Amber truly respects music theory and technique, but now she looks beyond the basics and seeks something more.  She began searching for the perfect sheet music, one that was complex, beautiful, and a pleasure to play.  After she met Michel Leclerc, her quest pleasantly ended. Leclerc is well-known in the Francophone world as a leading composer, specializing in arranging piano solos of songs by popular French artists.  His style is one of intricate syncopation which marries the harmony with the melody and soul of a song.

Michel Leclerc composing arrangements at his piano in Paris.

 “Why does talent have to be hidden from the others? It’s a real French treasure!” – thought Amber and wanted to carry Leclerc’s talent beyond the horizon and into the whole world for others to enjoy. To fulfill that end, Mitchell Music Productions has been started, and Leclerc’s first piano folio in North America has been published . Amber and Michel collaborated on their first production, which includes piano solos of some of the most powerful contemporary ballads ever sung.  They produced a piano book of arrangements that are complex, beautiful, and a pleasure to play….everything Amber ever hoped for.  Now, good music no longer has to remain in the hands of the professionals, and you can dazzle yourself and others.  The authentic arrangements will play as if they were sung by the original artists.

You can listen to the samples here

However, many pianists may never discover this book unless you can help defray some of the many costs.

This kickstarter is to fund:

  • the cost of paying talented professional arranger, Michel Leclerc, who has worked tirelessly for hours to create the perfect solos that play on the piano as effortlessly as if they were sung by Celine Dion.
  • Other costs that may include those to print and design the physical books themselves.   It is necessary to pay a graphic artist to design the book exactly to Amber’s specifications.
  • In addition, Amber spared no cost on the paper used to construct the pages of the book at a professional printing press, and you will see that when you hold the high-quality book in your hands.
  • Since new arrangements of established songs were recreated, there is a need to pay a hefty fee to the songwriters to attain print license permission.
  • Other costs include those for advertising.  To promote the book in various newspapers, piano teachers’ newsletters, and other websites online, there are fees involved.
  • Finally, various music book distributors require a large fee to distribute the books in major retail stores and to various online retailers.

The total cost of the above expenses actually is greater than $500, but Amber wishes to offset some of the total burden before she falls too much in debt. She realizes that she may never pay off the cost of what it took her to make this book.  But as she thinks, sometimes you have to just go for a project because, if you follow your heart, you can never go wrong…


Time is the greatest challenge to the project. It may take a few months to get through the administrative red tape at the the book advertising and distribution companies.  After all those funds are paid to them, the distributors will offer the book to leading music stores, such as Guitar Center, Archambault Music, and Sam Ash Music Stores. When that happens, then the books will be in the public eye for sale. Some distributors have already told that they are interested in the project. Therefore, there is interest in the book, but some funds are needed to distribute and advertise.

Amber hopes that with your help she can make her dream come true and the whole world will be able to enjoy the power of music.

 Source: KickStarter