The Lens Holster for Nikon

The Lens Holster is a kind of holster for SLR Nikon cameras. The idea of ??the project belongs to the owner and photographer from Boston, Preston Turk. The project started on January 7, 2013 and has currently raised $ 5.731. In order for the project to receive the funds it needs to raise $ 50,000 before the 21 February 2013.

The Lens Holster is an incredibly convenient way to carry and switch your lenses. Changing lenses has never been easier!

As many photographers know, carrying interchangeable lenses in a camera bag makes switching them complicated and time consuming. I have struggled with this myself, and wanted a better way to carry my lenses that was fast and efficient. To accomplish this, I developed the Lens Holster – a patent pending product that holds lenses securely by their mounts and allows for quick changes. The Lens Holster will help you have the right lens when and where you need it.

With the Lens Holster, you will have:

Immediate Lens Changes – With practice, lens changes take just several seconds

Easy Access to Your Lenses – Being at your waist, lenses are always there when you need them

Freedom from Rear Lens Caps – By design they are no longer necessary

How It Works

The Lens Holster holds lenses in the same way that the camera itself does, with a circular lens mount that you twist the lens into until it locks in place. To take the lens off, simply press the locking button down and twist in the opposite direction. The Lens Holster hangs around the shoulder or waist and keeps lenses in a convenient location for quick changes. It can be used to carry one or two extra lenses.

For the quickest lens change, it is best to carry one additional lens and leave the other mount open to receive the lens that is being changed. The system, though, does allow for two lenses being held at the same time thus creating a three lens system for the user. This product is great for wedding and street photographers, as well as travelers and enthusiasts who want to change between wide angle and longer prime lenses for example.

The  Lens Holster can be worn around the waist…

… or over the shoulder!

Why Funding is Needed

Funding will be used for two things, firstly the tooling of an injection mold for the body of the lens holster, and secondly for the parts, assembly, and shipping of the Holster to you. I have all the manufacturers lined up for this product, I just need your help to make this product a reality!

Why Nikon?

I have started with Nikon because I use a Nikon SLR and I could test and refine the product using my camera. I am working to expand to Canon as soon as possible! I believe this device is extremely useful and want everyone to be able to use it. If you are interested in having this for Canon, please check in on my Facebook page for updates.

How Did the Idea Come?

In October of 2011, I had just moved to Boston and I enjoyed walking around in my free time to take pictures of the beautiful city. I wanted to go out and shoot with an additional lens, but I had a problem: The camera bag and rear lens caps slowed me down when switching lenses. I did not want to have to stop and possibly miss a shot while switching. I thought it’d be great to use something similar to the camera’s mount to hold the lenses, and a few months later I entered Northeastern’s Husky Start-up Challenge with a prototype of the product – and won! I have since been working to bring this product to Kickstarter and to photographers everywhere.

Special Thanks

I would like to thank the Northeastern Entrepreneur’s Club and Husky Start-up Challenge, as well as the Idea Venture Accelerator for all the help along the way!

Risks and challenges

Although this product seems rather simple, there are many things that must be brought together to make it work. The parts for this are being sourced from many places, and will come together to be made here in Massachusetts. There is a risk that one piece of the product could arrive late and affect delivery time. I cannot control these variables, but I can promise to do my best to insure that everything runs smoothly to be delivered on time.

A product like this requires total product quality control, especially in the metal mount rings which are very precise. To tackle this problem I have been working with machine shops, injection molders, packagers, and assemblers that have consistently delivered quality service. I believe I have the best group of manufacturers on my team, as well as an engineer who has been behind the design to make sure everything will work smoothly. We are all set to get going on this product, but just need your help to start manufacturing!

Source: KickStarter