Carmichael & Co. Bike Bags

The bicycle is a very useful vehicle; but it is also a way to relax, to spend energy, and to explore the countryside. It also is a wonderful family-oriented activity. Ava Marie Carmichael from Denver, Colorado, United States created Bike Bags that are very easy and handy to use. You can connect with Ava Marie on Facebook, Twitter or visit her official website.

About Ava Marie

Ava Marie Carmichael is a designer and owner of Carmichael & Co. She has been a professional fashion designer for over 10 years and she currently lives inDenver,CO. Her passion for cycling and the desire to create a quality, handmade product in theUSAled her to design and sew her first bicycle bag. Her project began in her tiny apartment inDenver, with a $750 start-up cost and two home sewing machines. After almost a year in the making, it is time to take this project to the next step!

Where the funds will go

Ava Marie needs to purchase industrial sewing machines and a cutting table to make Carmichael & Co. handmade bike accessories right there in her workshop inDenver,Colorado. It has been her lifelong dream to create a quality line of products made here in USA, and she honestly can’t imagine doing this any other way.

Just a few comments we’ve heard:

“Those are some beautiful panniers”

“Your bags are some of the best ones I’ve ever seen on the market for the price points”
“Where can I get one of these?!”
“Nice bag!”
“These look really expensive”

TheCarmichaelfamily motto is, “Tout Jour Prest”, which means “Always Ready”.  In business and in life, one should always be ready to adjust accordingly and make changes wherever necessary as well as always be ready to stand behind the products you create with integrity and quality.  All of Carmichael & Co. products are made the old-fashioned way using heavy waterproof canvas, leather and brass hardware.


Please note that rewards include shipping costs within theUSAOnly. For international shipping, add $20 to the Reward contribution and send Ava Marie a message to let her know the additional amount you included was for shipping.  Thank you!

Other Ways You Can Help!

You can help the project by spreading the word in your social network and community!

Thank you for your kind attention!

Source: Indiegogo