Clean burning renewable energy in your own backyard for free!

Warren Weisman from Eugene, Oregon, United States designed simple, low-cost biodigesters to generate clean burning biogas. Biogas generates more energy than solar panels anytime day or night, rain or shine for a fraction of the cost while making high-quality fertilizer! At the moment a sum of just $566 is pledged of $10,000 goal. This campaign received all of the funds contributed by January 05. Unfortunately the project wasn’t funded because the sum of $75,000 wasn’t pledged. You can find this campaign on Facebook or official website.

Short Summary

Biogas is an amazing natural energy source that has been greatly under-utilized in theUnited States. Biogas is virtually identical to fossil natural gas, only instead of taking 65 million years to make, it can be made every day in your own backyard using a simple biodigester using no moving parts, special equipment or chemicals.

Warren’s Bio

Warren Weisman is one of only a handful of biogas and anaerobic digestion experts in theUnited States, even though biogas is easier to make a fire with than wood. He has over 20 years experience as a builder and have worked as a heavy equipment mechanic and power plant operator. Together with his business partner David Rasmussen, they want to popularize biogas technology by offering simple, low-cost biodigesters that are easy-to-operate by busy homeowners and small farmers to generate clean burning biogas for home cooking fuel, or to fuel electric generators, pumps or water heaters.

There are nearly 50 million households inChinapresently using biogas and inSwedenmany cities run their entire transit bus fleets off biogas, yet less than a dozen homes in theUnited States. Guys would like to introduce small-scale domestic biogas use to theUnited Statesfor customers to enjoy energy independence, reduce environmental impacts and utility bills while recycling valuable nutrients for local gardening and farming.

What They Need & What You Get

Creators are seeking $10,000 to put towards development of a double burner biogas stovetop that is UL approved for indoor domestic use in North America currently under development atOregonStateUniversityand a marketing campaign to increase local and national awareness of home biogas.

They will offer $25 contributors a pdf version of Warren Weisman’s “Energy From Organic Waste Vol. 1: Introduction to Biogas” booklet, which includes several links to learn more about biogas online. The pdf file will be delivered electronically.

$100 contributors will receive a complete biogas demonstration kit with 5-gallon anaerobic digester and 10-page instruction booklet.

$1,000 contributors will receive and a Hestia Home Biogas double burner stovetop legal for indoor domestic use inNorth Americaand a $500 discount on any home biogas digester or small farm digester purchase.

The Marketing campaign will be scalable, and if the goals aren’t met, they will downsize their plans to suit our available budget. Home scale biogas could be far better utilized if more people were aware of it. If you cannot contribute, please be sure to learn more about biogas and tell your friends about this amazing completely natural energy. Please share if you cannot contribute yourself.

Thank you!

Source: Indiegogo