Bohemian Guitars – Oil Can Guitar

Brothers Adam and Sean Lee created a new source of music by unexpected material – a can of oil. Their childhood in South Africa inspired them to that invention. The first tool was created in the basement of the family home. Then this production developed and now The Bohemian guitars are popular in many music communities. Great sound, an unusual type of instrument attract the attention of other people and expand the boundaries of music. The project was launched on January 15, 2013 and currently has collected 43.467 dollars. This project will be funded on Friday Feb 22, 7:00pm EST.

“…Bohemian Guitars Lets You Twang Out On A Real Oil-Can Gitfiddle.” –

“…The perfect guitar for slick licks” – Daily Mail.

“…they have been killing it.”

“…a great example of how social good and quality-engineering can co-exist to create astounding results…a real winner” – The Crowdfund Mafia.

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“…fully functional electric guitars made from oil cans.” –

“…Bohemian Guitars Throw A Can Of Oil On The Fire In You. Luthier launches kickstarter campaign in hopes of further fueling the fire.” –

“…the unequivocal mission powering this inspirational brand?a deep, shared passion for creating and spreading music.” –

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“…each one of these are stunning.” –

“…a project that has a unique take on rhythm and strings.” –

“…The Boho Series.How awesome is that! These are real, working guitars, made from oil cans.” –

“…For those who’ve also dreamt of becoming a hobo…this guitar is a fantasy mash-up that will blow your mind.” – The Flow Zone.

“…Who wouldn’t want one of these displayed in their home?” – Raw Artists.

“…these guys have a power product!” –

“…their guitars are renowned for producing a clean bluesy twang that both hobbyists and professionals can rock out on.” –


Electric oil can guitars that produce a clean bluesy twang that appeals to musicians of all levels. Be the focus at your next jam session!

  • Works with any amp
  • Maplewood neck with a rosewood fingerboard
  • Strap buttons
  • 24 frets
  • Single coil pickup
  • Volume & tone control
  • Chrome tuning machines
  • Adjustable truss rod
  • Adjustable bridge
  • Choose from 3 BOHO styles: Honey, Motor Oil, or Moonshine

Oil Can Guitar | The Inspiration

The inspiration behind the oil can guitar comes from the resourceful residents of the townships in South Africa who re-purpose used materials into playable instruments. Through Bohemian Guitars, brothers, Adam and Shaun Lee, who spent their childhood growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa, are able to share a piece of their homeland and spread the joy created by the beautiful sounds of oil can guitars with musicians all over the world.

This family started off building thier instruments in Adam and Shaun’s parents basement in Marietta, GA, finding ways to turn broken instruments, vintage oil cans and tin lunch boxes, into playable works of art.

 Check out these familiar artists playing Bohemian Guitars

Top: Of Monsters and Men’s, Brynjar Leifsson, playing his Bohemian Guitar at The Tabernacle in Atlanta. Bottom: Jonti playing his Bohemian Guitar at Chastain Park in Atlanta while touring with Gotye.

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Bo·he·mi·an / Bo – hee – me – an / (adj.)

  • A person who lives and acts free of disregard for conventional rules and practices.
  • Also commonly referred to as an artiste, a beatnik, a dilettante, a boho, or a free spirit.

Their awesome sounding, Boho Series, six stringed electric oil can guitars come in 3 styles: Honey, Motor Oil, and Moonshine. These axes feature top quality maple necks with rosewood fingerboards. All necks have an adjustable truss rod allowing for the perfect action essential to all guitarists. Each neck has 24 frets and a scale length of roughly 26 inches. Boho Series of guitars feature volume and tone control knobs, chrome (add black for $6 or gold for $15) tuning machines, a rosewood bridge, and a noiseless single coil pickup resulting in a clean bluesy twang. Your Bohemian Guitar will make you the focus of your next jam session. Just plug the ax into any amp and get to shreddin’.


The company proud to offer their backers with the following rewards:

$10 donations backers receive 7 ‘Bohemian blue’ guitar picks branded with the Bohemian logo and the “Real. Far. Out” tagline.

$30 donations will land backers 1 exclusive Kickstarter Bohemian Guitars T-Shirt. These are ONLY AVAILABLE during this campaign. Meaning get it now because they will never be offering it again. Your choice of size (S, M, L, XL). Add $10 for international shipping.

Sorry, unfortunately, the cans come empty. You’ll have to find your moonshine elsewhere!

$40 donations Bohemify your workshop, living space, or man cave with 1 of 3 Boho Series cans (Motor Oil, Honey, or Moonshine). These are the cans that they use to build  Boho Series guitars. Add $15 for international shipping.

$100 donations gets you any 3 Boho Series cans. Choose 3 from Bohemian Honey, Bohemian Moonshine, and Bohemian Motor Oil. Add $40 for international shipping.

BOHO Motor Oil Electric Guitar

BOHO Honey Electric Guitar

BOHO Moonshine Electric Guitar

This sweet maple wood neck and headstock comes standard on all Boho Series guitars.

$270 donations EARLY BIRD SPECIAL!!! Only 30 available at this level. Be the first to jam on a Boho Series oil can guitar. Choose from 1 of 3 Boho Series electric guitars (Honey, Moonshine, Motor Oil). These guitars will be numbered 1 to 30 in order of pledge. First 30 guitars will be delivered by May 2013. These EARLY BIRD backers also get 1 limited edition t-shirt! SOLD OUT!

$275 donations EARLY BIRDS (the second flock) Only 15 available at this level. Backers get to choose from 1 of 3 Boho Series electric guitars (Honey, Moonshine, Motor Oil). These backers also get 1 limited edition t-shirt! SOLD OUT!

$285 donations 1 BOHO ELECTRIC GUITAR: FIRST PRODUCTION RUN. Backers will receive one of the first production-run pieces of the Boho Series. Choose from Bohemian Honey, Bohemian Moonshine, or Bohemian Motor Oil. You will be the center of your next jam session. These 300 guitars will be delivered by July 2013.


  • Tuning Machines – The Boho Series electric guitars come stocked with chrome tuning machines. If you prefer black tuning machines add $6. If you prefer gold tuning machines add $15.
  • Left-handed Boho – All you lefty’s out there please add $50 to your pledge.
  • Limited edition t-shirt – Throw in an extra $25 if you’d like to include a limited edition t-shirt with your pledge.
  • Staff t-shirt – get a staff t-shirt for only $20. For an extra $20 donation they will throw in one of these staff tees when they ship your rewards!

  • Bohemian sticker – add some shwag to your rewards with this awesome Bohemian Guitars sticker for only an additional $8 donation!

$400 donations Backers will receive 1 of 30 EXCLUSIVE TO KICKSTARTER oil can guitars. This design will never be offered for sale again. Each guitar will be numbered and labeled “LIMITED EDITION KICKSTARTER” :Each guitar will be hand signed by our 4 co-founders. These babies come standard with a Seymour Duncan single coil pickup and YOUR CHOICE OF NECK (neck seen in picture or neck used on Boho Series). Backers will also get 1 t-shirt with their donation! Ships in June 2013.

$1,000 donations be a Bohemian for a day! Come spend 1 day at their new Bohemian Guitars workshop. Help design and build your very own electric oil can guitar! Only 5 available at this level. Valid starting May 2013. Travel and accommodation expenses to Atlanta are not included.

$1,750 donation Will receive the original canvas hand-painted by Sergio Castrezana, which is the inspiration behind their LIMITED EDITION guitar. The title of the painting is “La Sirena Que Pario La Musica” translated in English to mean “The Mermaid Who Gave Birth to Music” . It is stunning with acrylic and watercolors on bark paper. Dimensions 24 inches long by 16 inches wide. Artist notes, signature and title of painting all hand written on canvas. This backer will also receive the original LIMITED EDITION guitar which is built from an up-cycled oil can.

$4,500 donation Functional art at its very finest. The $4,500 backer gets this ONE-OF-A-KIND electric oil can guitar hand-painted by L.A artist Sergio Castrezana.

Sergio Castrezana is a gifted artist with a very unique style. Growing up in Mexico, he painted on anything he could get his hands on. It was during these early years that Sergio developed his own Aztec infused pictographic language, which are the same arresting symbols he continues to paint with today. Sergio loves to explore painting on different mediums, so when Bohemian Guitars approached him with a tin can that would be made into a guitar…he couldn’t pass up the chance to paint a playable work of art.

 Stretch Goal 1: $54k

If this project hits $54,000 ALL Boho Series guitars will ship with a Bohemian-branded “Kickstarter green” guitar strap!


  • Guitars will ship based on the order of pledges received.
  • All pledge levels include U.S shipping.
  • Free shipping to the USA and Canada.
  • Please be sure to add the appropriate amount to your pledge for international shipping. For guitars, add $100 for international shipping.
  • Bohemians will work their butts off to get their rewards to  backers prior to the estimated delivery date. They will be transparent throughout this process.

Bohemian Moonshine, Motor Oil, & Honey


Sourcing antique and vintage oil cans for every guitar they make is both timely and costly. Added to the fact they are working in their parents’ basement with limited space and room for equipment…it is time Bohemian Guitars say goodbye to mom’s delicious lunches, spread their wings and expand their operation. With the funds raised through Kickstarter,  Boho Series will become a reality. By designing and producing their own themed cans, ordering materials in larger quantities, purchasing better equipment, and getting workshop space,  Boho Series will make these guitars more affordable and more accessible to Bohemians everywhere. That doesn’t mean they are going to abandon transforming antique oil cans into electric guitars. Re-purposing and up-cycling used materials will always be important to them and a driving force behind what they do.


The Bohemian philosophy and lifestyle is simple and can be summed up by this tagline:

Real instruments for real everyday use. Far-reaching community involvement. Outside the box originality.

Bohemian Guitars mission is to build funky, unique and functional instruments out of oil cans for real, everyday use. Passionate about art, music and community outreach, Bohemian Guitars puts a creative spin on a timeless and classic instrument—the guitar—that offers a refreshing and inspirational change of pace to the music and art scene.

They incorporate two art mediums into a playable instrument that also serves as a decorative or as a collectible. Not only do these instruments ooze originality and flare but they are relatable on a personal level that extends beyond creating music.

They coordinate outfits from time to time!The 4 Co-Founders (from left to right): Josh Kirsch, Adam Lee, Shaun Lee, Mark Friedman.

Shaun Lee, deep in thought. The original founder of Bohemian Guitars.

Mark Friedman giving a uke lesson!

They partner with music education organizations to help develop music education programs and get instruments in the hands of youths in underprivileged communities.


These fully functional, six stringed electric oil can guitars feature top quality maple necks with rosewood fingerboards. All necks have an adjustable truss rod allowing for the perfect action essential to all guitarists. Each neck has 24 frets and a scale length of roughly 26 inches. The Boho Series of guitars feature volume and tone control knobs, chrome (add black for $6 or gold for $15) tuning machines, a rosewood bridge, and a noiseless single coil pickup resulting in a clean bluesy twang. Your Bohemian Guitar will make you the focus of your next jam session. Just plug the ax into any amp and get to shreddin’.

  • Neck: Maple wood w/ adjustable truss rod
  • Frets: 24
  • Neck scale length: ~26 inches
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood fingerboard
  • Pickup – noise reducing single-coil pickup
  • Strap buttons
  • Volume and tone control
  • Choice of chrome, black, or gold tuning machines
  • Can dimensions: 4-1/8″ x 6-5/8″ x 9-7/16″
  • Guitar weight:~5.5 pounds


From the time they receive their pledges (knock on wood, pun intended) they will need about 6-8 weeks to procure the supplies and materials from their manufacturers and distributors. They will then jump right into the first production run. Early backers will receive their guitars as soon as they are built. Hopefully that’s before May 2013, but they don’t want to set unrealistic expectations.

Risks and challenges

Bohemian Guitars has spent the last several months tinkering with and perfecting their guitar design. They now have a proven product and are very confident in their ability to produce perfect sounding, awesome looking electric oil can guitars; however, they have been building all instruments by hand. Therefore, if they get overfunded, they will manufacture the guitars a bit slowly at first while securing the services of additional builders to help ramp up production.

Quality is important to them and will never be sacrificed to get you a product that they aren’t proud of, which is why they have limited the quantity of guitars that will be produced in the first production run.

They have also been working to develop own custom Bohemian guitar neck and finally have a completed prototype. This has been one of the biggest time saving achievements for them thus far as it has enabled them to increase their production efficiency, eliminate tedious and unnecessary steps, and most importantly, it ensures that each guitar neck will be of the highest quality.

Depending on third parties for materials will always have its complications out of their control, but over the last few months they have been working to develop relationships and communication channels with their suppliers.

There are always unknowns that cannot be planned for, so if this company encounters any unforeseen issues or delays they will be 100% transparent with all of their backers.


 Adam Lee

Chief Executive Officer
Bohemian Guitars L.L.C.

Adam spent his childhood in Johannesburg, South Africa before his family immigrated
to Atlanta in 1998. This long and challenging journey has defined his character. Even
though South Africa is over 8,000 miles away, Bohemian Guitars allows Adam to stay
connected with his roots. Loves to travel. Exercise freak. Ideal meal is a shwarma-burrito combo. Die-hard
Liverpool FC fan. Ironically, the only team member that does not play the guitar.

Sean Lee

Chief Operating Officer
Bohemian Guitars L.L.C

“Growing up, I knew I wanted to learn to play the guitar, but it did not come easy. Finding
the motivation to practice was a challenge, and I often was left frustrated. If I had a
guitar that was unique to me and relatable on a more personal level, I think that I would
have progressed in learning to play more quickly. Brother of Adam Lee. Will challenge anyone to a match of ping pong. I believe that Sasquatches do exist; the show ‘Finding Bigfoot’ is my proof.”

Mark Friedman

Chief Bohemian Officer
Bohemian Guitars L.L.C

Having teachers for parents and a family full of musicians, education and music were a
large part of Mark’s upbringing. He studied at the University of Georgia and then
worked at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in the rain forests of Barro
Colorado Island, Panama before moving back to the States to work in Environmental
Consulting. He is excited to be a part of a company committed to top quality
instruments and music education. Enjoys thinking and working creatively while acting on his curiosities, Chicago style
hotdogs, and making a perfect defense splitting bounce pass on the basketball court.

Josh Kircsh

Chief Marketing Officer
Bohemian Guitars L.L.C

Josh has always been interested in incorporating music into what he does. He started
with the violin at age 12 and has since continued to learn many other instruments in the
string category. He graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and currently
attends The Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA as an Art Director. Loves working with his hands, and creating something new. Always looking for something new to put on his iPod. Committed Atlanta sports fan.

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