Jonas Friddle & The Majority’s New Album

Jonas Friddle & The Majority are going to record their third album as the full band. The songs are written and rehearsed and the guys have picked the amazing studio Kingsize Sound Labs to do the recording.  Based on their previous experience with recording they estimated a cost of $10,000 for recording, mixing, printing and releasing the new album. And they published the project on Kickstarter with the goal to get $8,000 to add to their current funds. The crowdfunding campaign ended on January 4, 2013 and this project successfully raised its funding goal.


About the band

Jonas Friddle & The Majority arrived on the scene simultaneously debuting two records on March 24th, 2012.  “Belle De Louisville” and “Synco Pony” showcase this 7 piece bands ability to pull from both the string band and blues traditions of American Roots music. The albums have been met with great success and rave reviews.  A large part of the success is due to the amazing talents that joined Jonas in the studio.  Those talents (Anna, Maria, Jarod, Bailey, Arielle, Evan, Andrew) went on to form The Majority. The Chicago-based “orchestral folk” group is comprised of a string section, brass, organ, banjo and drums. Each member of the Majority boasts a strong personal music career with close ties to Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music, where the band formed.

Jonas Friddle & The Majority staring in “Belle de Louisville,” and “SyncoPony.” in Chicago:

Risks and challenges

Recording and releasing an album is full of variables that make it hard to nail down a specific time when the project will be completed. After the already long process of recording the songs is finished, the mixing and mastering process begins. All the while there is artwork, design, and content to be finished and printed. Even when the albums themselves are done and ready, there is a period of months dedicated to press and preparation of the release before the albums can be made available. However, this band has experience with the process and musicians are confident that their timeline to finish the project and release the albums in the Summer of 2013 will be met.


Source: KickStarter