Eco Clip – Reusable NoteBook Maker

Project launched May 28, 2013 From Tel Aviv, Israel
Funding ended June 27, 2013 Financial goal $26,000


Arik Yuval, the creator of Eco Clip, was born on 09/01/68 and has been working as an Industrial Designer and a Product developer for over 15 years.

He is the founder of Igloo Design, an industrial design and mechanical engineering firm based in Israel. The Igloo team includes:

Yariv Sade - Arik's partner, a teacher at the Technion and a very experienced industrial designer.

Meira Barrett - business and marketing specialist.


Eco Clip was created to solve the problem what to do with all papers accidentally printed, or no longer needed. Eco Clip is a thing that helps to do one's part for the environment while binding draft and leftover papers into an attractive notebook.

To use it, one just has to collect the papers, stack them and fold them in half. Then they can be simply bound with Eco Clip just being slided between the pin and the clip.

Eco Clip can bind up to 15 A4 pages and designed to reduce waste of paper.


The engineering, test and manufacturing processes are rigorous and focused on producing high quality, well tested products. As the authors move towards mass production molds, and testing of the Eco Clip final design, they may learn that additional revision is needed to meet high quality standards. This may delay the delivery schedule.

The remaining tasks may take longer than expected to complete.

The Eco Clip uses few different parts. Sometimes a part can become discontinued or be out of stock for a long time. This can impact delivery schedule.