UltraSlickPowder – Most sliding material that mankind knows

Project launched May 30, 2013 From Birmingham, United Kingdom
Funding ended July 3, 2013 Financial goal $7,000


Max Radionov is keen on creating things and learning about innovative technologies. He is carried away by 3D modeling using Solidworks.


UltraSlickPowder or USP is polytetafluoroethylene powder designed for making a computer mouse more sliding and comfortable to use. This thing is drawn on the mouse feet with a special applicator. Moreover, USP conceals mice's scratches and reduces the wear and tear of mouse feet. The USP is inert and completely safe for people. From the chemical viewpoint the USP is more stable than gold or platinum and doesn’t dissolved in aqua regia. It has dielectric, excellent water-proof properties; it is resistant to the chemical actions and biologically compatible with living tissues of organism.

UPS Applicator works and fits perfectly to any new or used mice.


Max has invested 8 months research and personal finances to produce USP. He has a proof of concept ready and tested against the new Razor line of mice which further enhanced performance and accuracy for these mice.

Timely fulfillment of rewards is extremely important to backers. Time and resources needed to complete are identified. Initial relationships have already been cultivated with USP and Applicator manufacturers. Fulfillment requires a team of people which is already organized.