Revolve Automated Motion: Motorized Camera Dolly and Slider

Project launched June 24, 2013 From Laguna Niguel, CA, USA
Funding ended August 23, 2013 Financial goal $25,000


Jeremy is the founder of Revolve Camera. The goal of Revolve is to provide film makers with quality affordable camera gear. In May 2011 the team’s first product, the Revolve Camera Dolly, was funded at Kickstarter.


Revolve Automated Motion is a versatile, portable and extremely affordable motion control system. Revolve Automated Motion (or RAM for short) is a versatile motion control system for time-lapse and ultra smooth video.

It can be used with any camera slider or with the Revolve Camera Dolly to create a wide variety of stunning footage. The kit adds precise and fully adjustable motorized control to your camera moves and comes at an amazingly affordable price.


There are certain risks and challenges that are inherent to manufacturing and delivering a product, but the authors have carefully examined the challenges involved, and are confident in their ability to avoid or overcome all of these possible scenarios.

The team currently has a fully functional prototype, and has established relationship with a trusted manufacturer ready to begin production as soon as the project is successfully funded. Their high quality and fully scalable manufacturing capabilities mean that they can handle any order volume quickly and professionally.

The authors will be ready to ship out all rewards as soon as we receive products from our manufacturer. In the case that they exceed the expected order volumes, they are prepared to bring more hands on deck so that they can ship out all rewards on time.