GROW is a technology conference that brings together entrepreneurs, thinkers, influencers and investors to inspire innovation. This conference is about the future of innovation, growth and entrepreneurship. It is a curated environment that helps to unite technology pioneers, founders, executives, influencers and investors who are passionate about identifying problems worth solving. Those who attend GROW usually walk away with mentors and contacts that will help their company scale and grow.


The GROW conference 2013 takes place at Canada Place, Vancouver, BC from August 14 to 16. The schedule of the event includes two sections of reports, speeches and educational discussions. The attendees will have the opportunity to listen to founder stories, where speakers will share their experience, talk about their inspiration and give useful tips to young entrepreneurs or to visit product team lessons. The latter is dedicated to educational presentations on various topics from How to make a good API for a mobile app to How to build a billion company. Among speakers will be such persons as Daniel Burka, Jake Knapp, Danny Robinsion and many others.

The conference tickets feature entrance to the House Parties. House Party@GROW is a first-of-its-kind, multi-venue event designed to showcase the best technology hubs from around the world. Every participant can organize such a party to demo and pitch the startup ideas to over 1200 party-hopping House guests. Moreover, attendees of the GROW conference are invited to join us for the after party hosted at one of the hottest night clubs in Vancouver.

Notice, that to enter, you must work for a tech startup or company. The deadline for booking is August 1.