Semester Bicycle: Made of Natural Material

Project launched July 30, 2013 From Demopolis, AL, USA
Funding ended August 29, 2013 Financial goal $40,000


MakeLab is a collaborative design group dealing with social enterprises to benefit regions in need of jobs and job training. HERO is a non-profit serving the Alabama Black Belt with community development. Together these two companies work to develop products with local materials, that can create jobs and better lives for local inhabitants. HERObike produces bikes made of local grown materials and create new economic development opportunities in the rural town of Greensboro, AL. 


This bike is constructed of bamboo and steel. The company’s proprietary "Hextubes" make bicycles truly unique. Hextubes are structural stressed skin composites: a bamboo core is skinned on the inside with carbon fiber and covered on the outside with a durable glass or epoxy lamination. These engineered Hextubes are consistent in size, strength and performance. They are incredibly strong and lightweight. By laminating dissimilar materials, the company has also successfully dampened road induced vibration. No other bicycle is made like the Semester and no bike rides like it.

There are some risks and challenges, that come with designing a new bike style. There are also several possibilities of delivery hardships.