Grow Conference 2013: the brief summary of event

About GROW

GROW is a technology conference that brings together entrepreneurs, thinkers, influencers and investors to inspire innovation. This conference is about the future of innovation, growth and entrepreneurship. This year we were lucky to attend the conference that has finished several hours ago and now are willing to make a brief summary of this event.


  • Talk less do more
  • Build, deploy, measure
  • Investing is no longer for the 1%
  • Build platforms, not features 
  • Entrepreneur vs wanatrepreneur, know the difference
  • Look to the stars, not to horizon
  • Startup is NOT a business
  • Managers manage, leaders lead
  • Talk to your customers not at them
  • Surround yourself with those who push you, not agree with you and inspires you to do more

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