Piano Wizard: KickStart Your Brain

Project launched August 12, 2012 From Boulder, CO, USA
Funding ended September 21, 2012 Financial goal $20,000


Piano Wizard Academy developer, Chris Salter, has degrees in music and linguistics and has conducted researches on how they overlap, especially how humans learn. Chris partnered with Don and Delayna Beattie, musicians, authors and teachers, to create Piano Wizard Academy curriculum and lessons. Music Wizard's goal is to bring the award-winning classic Piano Wizard Academy to popular mobile devices. These simple games are designed to teach the "elements" of music through play, allowing users to grow into real musicianship, reading notation and all the way to music theory.


Did you know, that playing the piano, besides the sheer joy, and deep satisfaction, has significant, scientifically proven neurological benefits?

Piano Wizard brings trusted music video game system to iOS, providing effective and affordable music education to millions and helps to increase brain’s memory capacity, improve math, reading and comprehension skills, sharpen concentration and so on.

The new Piano Wizard iOS app will provide effective, affordable music education to millions. This proven Piano Wizard Academy system has already has a great impact on thousands of lives of children and adults.

Authors need to finalize the iOS application to the specifications and standards, which can encounter slight delays outside of the control. Creators need to finalize the builds and submit the Piano Wizard iOS application.