Everyday Carry Survival Kit: Save Youself From Emergency

Project launched August 17, 2012 From Reading, Pennsylvania, United States
Funding ended October 6, 2013 Financial goal $5,000


The authors of the project are practical and original developers, who have created a portable kit for survival in the wilderness. The creators of this project has always been interested in the topic of survival in dangerous conditions, and once they realized that if you do not prepare for such a turn of fate, it is possible to remain unprotected, cripple or even killed. To avoid the terrible consequences of living in the wild, the company has created a portable survival kit. The creators also found that current existing sets are bulky and heavy, and sometimes also contain inefficient tools of poor quality with which not everyone can properly handle.


Set includes all of the vital tools that will provide safety throughout the time spent in the wild. Each element is made of lightweight, but durable material and has a functional, but the laconic design. The set consists of a carbine, a waterproof container, a bottle opener, ruler, knife, saw, solar-powered flashlight and more. All of these things and tools are absolutely essential for survival. Take this kit with you for a hiking or fishing. It is also useful to you in such emergencies as fire , earthquake and flood.

As for the main risks, they may encounter in the delivery of necessary parts, production and delivery of sponsors. Still, the authors hope that the serious trouble can be avoided. The creators of this invention will be constantly alert buyers and investors of any changes in the schedule or production.