Solar Mobile Charging Kiosk: Help Burundi

Project launched August 21, 2012 From Kigali, Rwanda
Funding ended October 20, 2013 Financial goal $30,000


ARED (African Renewable Energy Distributor) is an organization that provides a solution to the problem of lack of electricity in Africa. The organization was created after Henry Nyakarundi’s trip to Burundi. There he had to spend hours searching some source of energy to charge a mobile phone . After Henry returned home, where he was able not only to charge the phone, but some other devices too, he was haunted by the thought that he lives among the amenities, and the other people in the Burundi forced to cope with many of the problems, because they have no electricity.


By making a series of different studies, Henry came to the conclusion that the solar panel would be the optimal solution for the people of Africa. But on closer examination of the idea, he realized that this is not practicable: people, who earn two dollars a day are unlikely to be able to afford such device.

So Henry decided to reinvent yourself and design his own affordable solution to this problem. In 2009, he made a strong partnership with a designer to develop the design of the solar panels and drastically change the current situation in Africa with electricity. After a long time and hard work, they have created a mobile kiosk with solar panels.

Authors of the project need money for shipping and manufacturing of these devices, and if the fundraising campaign won’t meet the expectations of the founders of the project , the team will face difficulties with the production and purchase of necessary details.