VIEVU: Body Worn Video Camera

Project launched August 19, 2012 From Seattle, Washington, United States
Funding ended October 18, 2013 Financial goal $100,000


VIEVU was created to help the police to record their daily activities to ensure maximum transparency and to avoid false accusations. The cameras that were used by police before recorded only 5% of the total activity of the police so there was an extreme need of a worn camera that would record everything. Camera produced and used 3,000 offices in 15 countries.

The camera has been tested for many years and has shown excellent results. VIEVU was created to prove the truth. In the case of an alleged false accusation after giving evidences 50% of the cases terminated, the remaining 50% were almost all closed after investigations.


VIEVU ² (pronounced V?V? squared) is a square, ruggedized, feature-rich, small form factor wearable camera. You can edit the captured video and upload it to social networks using an application on the phone.

The camera has an internal memory capacity of 16 GB, waterproof microphone, aluminum body, wi-fi and much, much more. This camera has successfully passed the tests in police custody and is ready to serve you for any purpose. Take it with you anywhere and get quality video on the events of your life.