Nova: the slim, wireless flash for better iPhone photos

Project launched September 4, 2013 From Chicago, IL, USA
Funding ended October 6, 2013 Financial goal $25,000


The authors of the project are Joe Walnes and Alex Lukashevich. Joe is keen on developing technology products to improve life. He is experienced in design and engineering. He has been developing software products for over 16 years, including working on many high profile products at Google.

Alex loves to make everyday products even better. He works in IT and also has experience in product development, testing, management and delivery.


Nova is totally wireless and separate flash for an iPhone. Using this credit card sized flash you can instantly improve the quality of your photos. As a wireless flash, Nova allows you to choose the distance, the direction and the angle from which you want the light to come.

The authors are confident that they can manage this process by partnering with a contract manufacturing firm that specializes in bringing similar products to market. The firm they have chosen manages the complete supply chain and preempts any issues so the team is sure they can deliver an high-quality product to backers.