Zipfian Academy: Become a Specialist Without Entering a University

Zipfian Academy that is located in San Francisco – an intensive 12-week program aimed to cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary to become proficient in data science. Zipfian Academy’s practitioners in the field with hands-on projects and real-world applications developed a custom curriculum.

Zipfian Academy enrolls current students as well as young people who just finished their curriculum – everybody who is looking up for attending success and career change.

Zipfian Academy is a new type of school that challenges the status quo… for this academy not important your list of names and titles on a resume, but rather what you have experienced and who you have impacted.


Nowadays, education is changing more rapidly than ever before: MOOCs have democratized the knowledge once sequestered in universities, bootcamps have risen to meet an ever increasing demand for developers, and kids are forgoing institutions and any sort of structured training for a much more independent education.

At Zipfian students are taught how to understand this deluge of data is more pressing than ever.

This academy has a unique educational experience that provides personalized instruction for each and every student, because no two people are alike and no two people learn at the same pace or in the same way. In this program practical exercises working with real datasets, teach cutting edge tools coupled with technologies to tackle such problems, and partner with leading companies to train the next generation of data scientist.

Each participant will be provided with an expertly curated supply of the best resources (online and e-books), a suite of the best open source tools for data analysis, and a cooperative learning environment amongst your peers.


Jonathan Dinu (Co-founder & Instructor) 

Jonathan first discovered his love of all things data while studying Computer Science and Physics at UC Berkeley. In a former life, he worked for Alpine Data Labs developing distributed machine learning algorithms for predictive analytics on Hadoop.

Jonathan has always had a passion for sharing the things he has learned in the most creative ways he can. He has been a mentor at Dev Bootcamp, taught classes at General Assembly, and is an instructor at Hack Reactor where he gets to combine his two favorite things: humans and code.


Ryan Orban (Co-founder & Instructor) 
Ryan is fascinated by data in all its forms, binary and biological. Trained in Genetics and Genomics at UC Berkeley, he plumbed the depths of plant immunity at the Plant Gene Expression Center, building big data applications targeting next-generation sequencing technologies.

As a Sr. Systems Engineer at Nutanix, he worked on scale-out distributed computing solutions for virtualized environments. When not trying to pull beauty out of data, you can find Ryan hacking on 3D printers, DIY Bio, and open-source hardware.