Pozible: Platform for Creative People

Pozible is a crowdfunding platform and tool for implementation creative ideas and projects to life. This portal was founded to help people raise funds to realize their desires and invent wonderful things.

Crowdfunding with Pozible is an option for creative inventors to get the required amount from informal sources through communication with customers, fans, supporters directly.

If you’re a photographer, illustrator, a virtuoso or mobile app developer, you can put your project on Pozible.

Pozible provides a platform on which you can place your project and make it known worldwide. If people like your idea, they will sponsor the initiative.

In exchange for the raised money, authors should offer a reward, ranked according to sum of donations.

Pozible can also be a resource for finding and support new and unusual projects and their creators directly. Sponsors and patrons are becoming an integral part of the creative community, by supporting innovative products and services, as well as their developers and ideologists.


Pozible Team consists of six energetic, versed in technology people inspired by social interactions, creativity and all the wonderful things that happen on the initiative of creative people. The team sincerely believes that the imagination, coupled with the experience and faith in life can make possible everything.

  • Rick Chen and Alan Crabbe (directors, co-founders) and Rick Alan met on the trip from Sydney to Noosa. Soon they began to collaborate in projects of social enterprise in which they were both interested.
  • Shu Shu Zheng (advisor), Shu Shu can solve almost all the encountered difficulties. From the site settings to instructions on how to publish the project. Shu Shu is responsible for emails, twitter, planning meetings and seminars.
  • Matt Benetti (marketolog and partner manager) Matt is a person with contacts and connections. If you lead NFP organization, government staff, NGOs, business or anything else, Matt knows what Pozible can do for you.
  • Reuben Acciano (social media manager) If Pozible mentioned in the press, the Internet, e-mail, web sites – it is the Reuben’s work.  Messages – this is his strong point: short, long, clear, funny. All of it. 
  • Joanna Slay (coordinator) She was originally an intern, but she skillfully solved a number of organizational issues and disputes, and has now become part of the Pozible team.