Genesis Controller: automated hydroponic farming

Project launched September 16, 2013 From Los Angeles, CA, USA
Funding ended November 15, 2013 Financial goal $50,000


Sustainable Microfarms is a start-up constantly striving to develop new and innovative products and solutions that make the most efficient farming methods simpler, more accessible, and more economical. From integrated environmental management systems to fully automated greenhouses, SMF is investing in the sustainable future of our planet.


The Genesis controller is the first product to make hydroponics easy, accessible and automated so that anyone can adopt hydroponic farming. The Genesis watches your plants for you and makes sure they are getting all the proper food and water they need during every phase of their growth. The Genesis Controller will constantly check on your plants throughout the day and make sure to feed them with up to 4 different nutrients, water, or pH solutions.

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The Controller comes with 4 pumps that can be programmed to dispense PH solution, nutrient solution, or water. You can even select from a variety of different pre-programmed recipes. Once you've chosen all your parameters (like volume of reservoir, display units, dosings, etc) the system will monitor your reservoir forever (although it will alert you at the end of 7 days).

The controller will take two readings every hour and determine if it needs to adjust PH or EC in any way. It takes two readings because some users have an ebb-and-flow system which leaves the reservoir nearly empty for some time. The controller takes these two readings some predefined minutes apart (chosen by you) and determines which reading was taken when the reservoir was full. You even have the option of buying a separately sold pump box which has an extra 4 pumps and connects to the controller with a simple cable. This gives the you a total of 8 pumps to do whatever you want with.