Draper University for Heroes

Draper University is an eight weeks school (six in summer) for innovators that will enable every student to create his or her own company and get some funding.

Among the mentors are:

  • Larry Kubal, Founder and managing director of Labrador Ventures
  • Adam Draper, Founder and CEO at Boost VC
  • Frank Creer, Founder of Zone Ventures
  • Claudia Iannazzo, CEO and partner in Pereg Ventures
  • and many others

The whole course is divided into eight main topics: Vision, Truth and Justice, Speed and Strengh, Special Powers, Money and Resources, Creativity, Evangelism, Survival Weekend. Some of them may seem unserious and made up just for fun, however, the founders of the cousre claim that essential matters that develop the creative thinking necessary for an interpreneur are discussed there.

The closest sesson will pass from January 20, 2014 to March 7, 2013 and is open for students from any country. The tuition payment includes room and board, some meals, books, transportation to off sites and all the activities.

After the course the students can receive a scholarship from one of the mentors named above. Every mentor has its own parameters he follows to give out a scholarship: for instance, Bill Draper Scholarship is for those, who are aimed at non-profit, and Heidi Rozen grants only female enterpreneurs.

Besides its core activity, Draper University organizes different events like parties, seminars and conferences for interpreneurs. The nearest one takes place on October 10.