SPLIT: The World’s Only Earbuds with no Strings Attached

Project launched October 1, 2013 From Miami Beach, FL, USA
Funding ended October 31, 2013 Financial goal $435,000


Greenwing Audio is a start-up located in Miami Beach, Florida. The team includes Marco Scandurra, scientist and the founder; Victor Chechelski, mechanical engineer with over 30 years experience in bio-engineering and medical devices and Umberto Micheli, neurobiologist.


Split is a standalone audio player that fits in your ears; it works without any cables and without Bluetooth. Split is a hands free player: You change track and volume with gentle "bite clicks".

Each Split earphone contains a small circuit board, a button cell battery, a memory chip, a processor and a few other components necessary to play quality digital audio. By synchronizing the right and left earphone with the use of high precision crystal clocks, the two earphones play in unison without being physically connected and without exchanging a continuous stream of radio waves. To detect bite clicks Split is equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer.