Lapa: Your social lost & found

Project launched September 10, 2013 From Porto, Portugal
Funding ended November 9, 2013 Financial goal $75,000


Lapa team believes in the future of a more collaborative society where everyone will help each other out. Their goal is to create the biggest lost and found social network and enable people stay more secure.


Lapa is an innovative device that finds anything you don’t want to lose by attaching a Lapa to it and finding it with the Lapa App for Android and iOS. But Lapa is also a lost & found social network inside a shell, that scans and remembers your Lapa’s location permanently, and if it gets lost, has the ability to alert anyone that passes by it to pick it up and give it back to you.

It’s integrated with your social networks and enables you to ask the hundreds of contacts you trust for help via Facebook and e-mail, even if they still haven't downloaded the Lapa App. Lapa alerts you when it leaves your side. So you’re sure that everything that’s important is close to you.