Reactive Grip™ – Touch Feedback for VR & Video Games

Project launched November 6, 2013 From Salt Lake City, UT 
Funding ended December 11, 2013 Financial goal $175,000


Tactical Haptics was founded by Professor William Provancher in 2013. The objective of this company is to commercialize haptic feedback technologies, including several technologies developed in Dr. Provancher's University of Utah Laboratory,  the Haptics and Embedded Mechatronics Lab.


Reactive Grip touch feedback is a revolutionary new touch feedback technology to virtual reality and video games that blows the doors off traditional "rumble" vibration feedback. It works by mimicking the friction and shear forces that we feel in the real world when holding an object or touching a surface. This is accomplished by measuring the movements of the player’s hand and actuating small sliding plates in the grip of the controller to recreate the friction and shear forces you expect when holding an actual object such as a sword, slingshot, gun, or fishing rod. It is called Reactive Grip feedback because it reacts to your actions and motions in the virtual world.