BlinkScan: Capture All of the Image & None of the Background

Project launched Nov 14, 2013 From Lexington, KY 
Funding ended Dec 22, 2013 Financial goal 295,000 


Blink Technologies is a Lexington, KY start-up and creator of the BlinkScan: the world's first instant, intelligent and high-resolution scanning technology. Blink's founders, Don Skaggs and Steve McFadden, have a combined 50 years experience in product development, electronics manufacturing, and successfully introducing new technologies.


BlinkScan instantly captures high-resolution documents and objects at the press of a button. With the simple push of a button you get exactly the image you want in as little as 3 seconds. With BlinkScan you may save hours of photo editing time!

BlinkScan's perfect image capture delivers all the image and none of the background.This feature changes everything! The BlinkScan is smart enough to know which pixels belong to your object and which ones belong to the background. Trimming the background from inside the frame can be completed in just 5 seconds with the BlinkScan.

Perfect Image Capture technology automates background removal every time you push the button. Image files are instantly ready to use in your application.