HUCKLEBURY : The Perfect Fitting Shirt, Backed for 365 days

Project launched Nov 19, 2013 From San Francisco, CA, USA
Funding ended Dec 28, 2013 Financial goal $15,000


Dhawal and Parag are the co-founders of HUCKLEBURY, startup located in San Francisco, CA.
Dhawal got his first taste of programming at 8 with QBasic. Since then, he has been playing with computers, robotics and web development. Dhawal fell into entrepreneurship when he was 18 and led his team to create the 'Push-up Pal' for a class - a product that was later featured in The New Paper (Singapore). His passion for programming and entrepreneurship led him to the opportunity to co-found Hucklebury. He is responsible for all things on the web.

Parag spent his childhood seeing his business-minded mother operate garment factory of 75 people design, manufacture and export scarfs, schiffons, shorts, and white shirts to brands like Calvin Klein and Marks & Spencer. Later on, he pursued his Masters in Engineering. This is where he learned how to remove inefficiencies in manufacturing using lean and six-sigma. Applying his engineering and creative skills from his mother, he set-up Hucklebury. As co-founder, Parag oversees manufacturing & marketing strategies. He is also responsible for turning the fabrics into a finished product.



HUCKLEBURY presents premium dress shirts for men that FIT great – handcrafted in USA, delivered at wholesale prices and backed by a 365 day GUARANTEE.

What is so special about HUCKLEBURY?
How Hucklebury is redefining menswear:

1. Made in USA: Everything - from the boxes, the tags, the labels and even the buttons - is domestically sourced. Hucklebury has partnered with a factory with 100 years of history that makes garments for the best brands on the planet!

2. Innovative business model – Crowdsourcing fashion. They're removing the guesswork of supply and demand. You decide what gets manufactured and they’ll deliver the perfect-fitting shirt.

3. 365 Day Guarantee: If customers are dissatisfied for any reason, Hucklebury will fix it. If a button falls off, they will send customers a new one for free.

4. $70 price point and superior quality: By eliminating the middleman, Hucklebury can keep prices at just half of retail and pass the savings on to customers. Hucklebury shirts are constructed from the finest Italian-woven two-fold cotton and organic mother-of-pearl buttons. Authors of the project use 100% Egyptian Cotton from the best mills in Italy - these mills have been in business for more than 100 years, and have mastered the art of producing fine fabrics for the world's best brand.

5. Styku's FIT technology: Using Data and smart technology, consumers get precise size and fit recommendations with 3 measurements and in less than 10 seconds. It is that simple.