Kubo: an electric scooter to carry all your stuff

Project launched Nov 20, 2013 From San Francisco, CA 
Funding ended Dec 20, 2013 Financial goal $300,000


Lit Motors is a startup electric vehicle company based in San Francisco, California. They believe the future of urban mobility is small, efficient, safe, two-wheeled vehicles, and that above all those vehicles should be FUN! They are the future of transportation.


You may remember Lit Motors from C-1 vehicles, but authors have got another vehicle that they're introducing you to. It is their new electric scooter KUBO.

Being big fans of two-wheeled vehicles, they found existing motor scooters lacking - they make carrying anything a hassle, and it was hard to find a good quality electric scooter anywhere. So as a side project during their free time, the guys decided to make their own.

Among the main parameters of KUBO there are: 45 mph top speed, up to 50 miles per charge, 300 lbs capacity, cargo + rider, 22" square cargo space with tie-down hooks, loops, and rails for a wide variety of ways to secure your stuff, on-board charger—charge in a few hours from any wall outlet, adjustable-height seat (for riders from 5'0" to 6'5"), small lockable stow compartment, perfect for extra bungee cords, phone, etc. And many others.

Kubo is the bee's knees, it's a fun way to get around the city, regardless of the terrain or how much you're carrying with you. Though it looks unique, it's just as easy as riding a regular scooter. It is the new form of urban transportation.