AngelHack – the largest organizer of hackathons on the planet

In late 2011, frustrated with years of failed efforts integrated technology into the startups, Gregory Gopman (nowadays, AngelHack CEO) moved to Silicon Valley on a mission to find great developers. And when he got here, he learned of the magical places called hackathons where technical members of the community would come together to learn new things, meet new people, and build new ideas.

A newcomer on the scene, he wanted to meet everyone he could and at the same time, make himself known as a friend of the developer community. He started the AngelHack hackathon series at that time and brought in Angel Investors to judge. As time went on, Gregory’s curiosity for the Silicon Valley startup community turned into a curiosity for the global startup community, and how we could bring them all together over hackathons. In 2013, the HACKcelerator was born to help top hackstars connect with mentors and win experiences in Silicon Valley. They launched the AppHACK mobile hackathon series in their continued effort to build stronger communities worldwide. They’ve also begun offering their services to clients throughout the startup industry to help with developer marketing and startup relations… That was the beginning of AngelHack’s journey.

AngelHack is a premier developer marketing agency, which offers comprehensive marketing programs to enhance existing corporate initiatives around developer relations, developer marketing, startup outreach, and the creation of developer ecosystems. It specializes in hackathons and innovation events, where they have thrown over 100 events in 35 cities operating in 25 countries. Their flagship event the Global Hackathon competition, which happens twice a year (Spring and Fall), bringing together 10,000+ developers each time.

They’ve also thrown a wide variety of developer-oriented events from business plan competitions, recruiting events, conference parties, and customized solutions for client’s agendas. Their experience and integrated team handles everything from ideation, promotion, facilitation, to detailed summary reports of your initiatives, with clients ranging from Hearst, HP, and Hasbro, all the way to McDonalds and startup conferences.

The biggest cities of the world such as New York, Seattle, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Austin, Barcelona, HongKong, London, Moscow meet AngelHack’s events with their judges and hosts, organizers and participants.

Source: AngelHack