Michron: Timelapse for Everyone

Project launched Nov 21, 2013 From San Diego, CA 
Funding ended Dec 21, 2013 Financial goal $40,000


The startup is managed by Stephen and Greg who represent Vivo Labs based in San Diego, CA.

Stephen has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, where he focused on mechatronics, and he is a co-founder of Alpine Labs, where he helped create Radian. Despite working hard, Steve also loves being outdoors and enjoys mountain biking, climbing, and surfing.

Greg is an MBA student at University of California San Diego. He is the founder of Climbing Threads and has worked on a couple of film projects including "Sh#* People Say To Climbers" and "Paint Free Santee". Greg loves to climb, and when not injured is either working or on the rocks.

Steve and Greg are longtime friends who met through surfing in high school. After traveling for three months together in 2012 to Canada and all around the US, they realized that their complementary skill sets should be put to use on some future project. That opportunity came in early 2013 when they came upon the idea for Michron, and so Vivo Labs was born.


Michron is a device that plugs into your camera and allows you to take timelapses. This kind of device is called an intervalometer. Michron is special because it has no buttons or screens; instead the user interface is the Michron App on your smart phone (Android or iPhone).

Once you’ve created your settings in the app, upload them by plugging your phone into Michron with the programming cable. After you have uploaded your settings, you can disconnect your phone. Michron will perform completely on its own. Once Michron is plugged into the trigger port, it will tell your camera to take photos according to your settings. And don't worry, Michron's battery has a life of over 2500 hours, meaning you will probably never have to replace it (and if you do, it's easy to replace).