1.33x Anamorphic Adapter Lens for iPhone 5/5S by Moondog Labs

Project launched Nov 2013 From Rochester, NY
Funding ended Dec 21, 2013 Financial goal $30,000


Moondog Labs was founded by Scott Cahall and Julie Gerstenberger to develop new tools for creative filmmakers and photographers. Scott is a lens designer and optical engineer who has developed film/digital/mobile cameras, motion picture film scanners, projection systems, 3-D machine vision systems, and virtual/augmented reality displays at companies like Corning Precision Lens, Kodak, and Jenoptik. Julie is an electrical and optical engineer who has developed digital and mobile phone cameras, projection systems, and digital cinematography cameras at Kodak.


Anamorphic lenses were introduced for filmmaking in the 1950's to create an immersive, panoramic experience intended to compete with the widespread adoption of television. In addition to a wide aspect ratio, the anamorphic aesthetic is characterized by horizontal flares, distortion that creates a unique sense of depth or dimensionality, and oval "bokeh" or blur for out-of-focus areas. For these artistic reasons, anamorphic filmmaking has been enjoying a decades-long renaissance. However, due to the complexity and expense of the optics involved, anamorphic lenses are not readily available to most independent filmmakers. Moondog Labs believes there are stories best told with an anamorphic aesthetic, so they have developed an affordable 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter specifically for the iPhone 5/5S.