Roadie Tuner: the ultimate guitarist tool

Project launched Nov 2013 From San Francisco, CA
Funding ended Jan 4, 2014 Financial goal $60,000


Band Industries is designing and building Roadie: an automatic tuning device for guitars. Roadie Tuner provides a solution to beginners struggling to make their instruments sound good, and also allows more advanced users to change alternate tunings and create their own custom tunings.

Roadie Tuner allows for more features such as winding and unwinding your strings and can inform you when you need to change them, hence allowing your instrument to stay healthy and sound great.


Roadie tunes your guitar quickly and accurately. It informs you of the quality of your strings and recommends restringing as soon as the tone quality deteriorates.

While beginner guitarists need a simple way to overcome the frustration of making their instrument sound good, more advanced players value the precision, speed, and ability to quickly switch between customizable alternate tunings.

Band Industries incorporated all these features and many more into Roadie. Your guitar will now have a fuller sound than ever before and you can spend more time learning, playing, and composing your own music. Roadie Tuner pairs with a FREE app on your smartphone, iPod or tablet through Bluetooth 4.0 smart. All the audio processing happens on the smartphone which sends tuning commands to Roadie. With Roadie, tuning your instrument becomes easier than ever, less error prone, and far more accurate than manual tuning.