meMINI – a wearable camera with the gift of hindsight

Project launched January, 2014 From Auckland, NZ
Funding ended February 6, 2014 Financial goal $50,000


Co–founder of the meMINI startup Sam Lee has always had an entrepreneurial streak. He is also the original founder of Snow Park in Cardrona Valley, New Zealand. Having been at the epicenter of freestyle snow sports for over a decade, Sam has witnessed many innovations in camera technology, and been involved in the production of cutting edge skiing and snowboard films.

Having experience with delivering a customer-focused product with Snow Park NZ, Sam knew he needed to start engaging the wider community to help develop meMINI. Focus groups and his friends and family further validated and guided meMINI’s development from concept to reality.


meMINI is a wifi enabled wearable camera that allows you to handpick your favourite moments, after they happen. Every day, we share experiences with family and friends. As we struggle to retell the story to others later, we often regret not having captured it on film somehow. With meMINI, there’s no longer any need for regret… Recall gives you the ability to use hindsight. It allows you to save moments in high definition video, after they happen – because we understand that the best moments in life tend to happen without warning. Capturing once-in-a-lifetime memories and everyday moments while avoiding hours of unwanted video footage has never been easier. Those funny moments with your husband or wife, your child’s “firsts,” or the joke your friend just told - all can instantly be saved.