WunderBar startup on Dragon Innovation crowdfunding platform

Project launched: January, 2014
From: Berlin, Germany
Funding ends: February 17, 2014
Financial goal: $91,000


Harald Zapp – CEO and founder of WunderBar – for many years is the enthusiast of the Internet of Things. Electrical engineer and early coder in Fortran, Harald likes to repair old cars, and grill vegetables. For over 15 years, he helped develop the company Cisco in Europe, helping establish awareness and use cases for the Internet of Things.


Imagine receiving a push notification when you leave home without your wallet or keys, or when your house plants start yearning for water. The WunderBar is the easiest way to start developing apps for the Internet of Things – without needing to learn about hardware. App developers can quickly access data from the physical world with WunderBar’s easy-to-use SDKs or with our simple REST API.

It packs the newest Bluetooth Low Energy (Beacon), WiFi, together with SDKs for iOS, Android and Node.js!

The WunderBar has six powerful smart modules, three provide sensors to monitor temperature, proximity, light, color, humidity, and movement. A fourth helps you control your home entertainment system with an infra-red transmitter. The last two will be chosen by the you and the crowd. All come app-ready straight out of the box within minutes.

Because the WunderBar is still a dev kit, with a little bit of knowledge, and the exposed GPIO pads, you can make almost anything you want smarter.