nfcTack 2.0 – Simplify Smartphone with NFC & Nano Suction

Project launched January, 2014 From Santa Clara, CA 
Funding ended February 26, 2014 Financial goal $3,000


Robert Han, CEO of the project, has experience in start-up operations, product development and production engineering. Passionate about technology, sustainability and outdoor life.

Worked in cleantech, Green Building, data storage, fiber optics and consumer electronics start-ups. Began career with 12 years at Hewlett Packard in various roles including design engineering and manufacturing.


nfcTack is a uniquely designed, patent pending, small NFC chip embedded in a flexible nano suction pad. nfcPad is a larger nfcTack for mounting smartphone on flat surfaces like fridge, tiles or glass window.

nfcTack utilizes a nano suction pad instead of a sticky adhesive. Nano suction pads adhere to most hard, flat and non-porous surfaces as long as the surfaces are not non-stick material like silicone, Teflon or polyethylene. Nano suction pads use microscopic suction pores to grip onto surfaces. They do not use any adhesive, yet their adherence is very strong and they leave no residue.