About Me

Entrepreneur and philanthropist.

Specialist in crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.  Supported over 700+ various startups in areas of technology, fashion, international trade, design and philanthropy. Mentor and advise various startups and philanthropic organizations in US, CANADA, RUSSIA, UKRAINE, KAZAKHSTAN and many other countries.

Work with various IT parks, incubators, accelerators and government agencies focused on innovation. Speak and help organize conferences, seminars, presentations, webinars dedicated to entrepreneurship, innovation, philanthropy, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing.

Experienced in International Trade. Strong knowledge in trade processes in US, CANADA and CIS. Help businesses connect and trade on a global scale. Act as a broker, adviser, and consultant to promote trade between businesses in various markets. Help both parties win by removing all grey areas in international trade by setting up a processes through witch all problems mentioned below are addressed:

–        Time zones differences
–        Trust issues
–        Contracts
–        Language Barriers
–        Neutral 3rd Party
–       Banking regulations

Passionate about distance learning, self-education. Work with various educational institutions to help them extent their reach into developing countries or hard to enter markets.

Philanthropy & Non for Profit. Focused on creating  organizations that are self-sustaining, self-driven and mission focused. Work with various non for profits and philanthropic organizations to help them spend their time on their core mission actions and create automated and self-managing donation/support generating channels. Big supporter of transparency and “LEAN” approach in nonprofit sector. Advise on how to create a socially integrated nonprofits that speaks to the people and not at them. Help create processes that allow for self checks and self balances to reduce inefficiency, corruption and risk.

Participate in organizing TEDx, StartupWeekend, Hackthons, ThinkTanks and other various events dedicated to ideas, innovation, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and self-education.