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Just Porter: Reinventing What a Backpack Can Be

According to the views of experts, backpacks play essential part in our life. Whether you’re walking between classes at college, trekking across mountains, or commuting to work, your backpack is your home away from home, your portable office, your traveling desk. Plus, it shows people your personality, right on your shoulders.
For the last 2 years authors of ”Just Porter” startup have traveled to the furthest corners of the globe with one aim: to reinvent what a backpack could be.
They designed their bags intuitively, so you have fast access to everything. The innovative materials give you great aesthetics and amazing functionality, and they’ve made it easy for you to make the world better.
For every bag bought, ”Just Porter” fills a backpack with school supplies and give it to a child in need. The idea was born from Chris Bahr’s humanitarian work in the Philippines over the last decade. Chris wanted to create a sustainable solution to lift children from poverty through the power of education, and giving you a bag you’ll love.

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ADX: make it yourself

ADX is placed in the heart of Southeast Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District membership-based design and prototyping facility. Here, people enjoy and love DIY and like keeping it local.

The 10,000 square-foot facility includes various tools and computers, in a word – everything you need to become a part of the community of smart people, makers and DIY lovers. Here you may find Wood & Metal Shop,Laser Studio, CNC Router and 3-D Printing, Industrial Sewing Machines, Co-Working Office Spaces, The Ninkasi Better Living Room, In-House Fabrication Services and Business & Marketing Services.In-house fabrication team can help you making everything you want from consultations and to production and manufacturing.

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WildHelp App: Find help for an injured animal, fast

Every day, people encounter wild animals in need of help. Animals are found sick, injured, displaced, trapped, entangled, and in serious trouble, but, the task of finding help can be arduous. Too often, finders must make multiple phone calls, using critical minutes, even hours, in search of the right person or organization that can help.

The WildHelp mobile application will streamline the reporting process, expediting aid to wild animals in need and the people who find them, helping save thousands of lives every year. Using the free WildHelp mobile application, the finder will be guided through a series of multiple choice questions to determine the closest response organization or wildlife hospital best suited for the emergency. The finder will also have the option of adding a photograph and detailed notes.

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WGWC: Promoting Human Rights and World Citizenship

The World Government of World Citizens – is the political representation of the sovereign citizen of the world dynamically, intrinsically allied with sovereign humanity. It was founded with one purpose – to provide a global political service institution for the installation and maintenance of world peace.

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Yunus Social Business: Care for All

Yunus Social Business (YSB) was made to assist people creating their own social business. By offering various services and setting up incubator funds YSB runs as social business itself.

YSB has been co-founded by Peace Nobel Laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Saskia Bruysten, Sophie Eisenmann and Hans Reitz. YSB has a team of enthusiastic consulting, venture capital and development specialists and is located in Frankfurt, Germany with subsidiaries in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and Tirana, Albania. Yunus – father of microcredit banking and Social Business founded Grameen Bank and more than 50 other social companies in Bangladesh.

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Watsi – Directly Fund Low-cost, High-impact Medical Care for People in Need

All over the world people are dying of treatable diseases because they can’t afford basic medical care. Watsi connects you with patients in serious need of low-cost medical care and enables you to fund high-impact treatments.

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small purse BIG CHANGE: save a life

With the help of this campaign and volunteers, Zubaida wants to reduce infant mortality. The project aims to give cure and save hundreds of thousands of children and women’s lives. Zubaida believes that by uniting together, people can help each other effectively. The collected money will be aimed at addressing hygiene in hospitals in developing countries, helping women in the treatment of infections produced in hospitals, and the salvation of hundreds of thousands of newborn babies from death. Zubaida believes that there are people who care about the future of the planet and the fate of people who cannot afford expensive treatment.

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Patch Up Life: Help Bangladesh

Buying products made by victims of the explosion, you provide substantial assistance to these people and get a great quilt, bag or pillow. Each product is made from the finest natural materials using good quality accessories. By purchasing this product, you are also contributing to the salvation of the environment because thanks to the technique of manufacturing products, the production becomes a waste-free. Every item is made by hand by skilled professionals. These things will create an atmosphere of comfort in your home.

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HELIOZ – WADI: Help Save 400,000 Lives a Year in India

WADI is an innovative development that allows you to filter water and make it fit for consumption without any effort. WADI (Water disinfection) is an affordable and effective tool for fighting diseases. To clean the water by WADI you do not need to boil it. WADI uses SODIS technology for water filtration. Water purified by ultraviolet then the device gives a signal that the water is safe to drink. The company that invented the WADI believes that this invention will radically change life in India.

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Key Largo Coral Reefs: Help to Clean Gem of North America

If the team could hire a boat that can accommodate about 72 divers, then participants of the operation will finish the work on clearing the reef from dirt and debris in circa three days. Immediate cleaning will have a strong positive effect on the entire ecosystem of the reef, and save the extinction of dozens of species. In the process of cleaning the reef, will also be collected information for further research that will help to keep the reef clean in the future. Plastic floating in the ocean is one of the most common causes of death of fish. Thousands of underwater creatures eat it, taking as a jellyfish, or are get tangled in it, taking it as a seaweed. Results are than sad: every year our planet is losing hundreds of thousands of fish, turtles, dolphins and so on.

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