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Powerslayer: a revolution in charging

Velvetwire is starting a revolution in charging. Standard USB chargers just recharge our devices, are unimaginative, boring and wasteful. And when they’re finished charging, they continue drawing power that’s wasted.
Powerslayer is a new kind of charger – savvy, responsible, convenient, elegant and very, very intelligent.

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Sleep easy with “The Sleep Easy”

Sleep Easy is a travel eye mask & head support, helping you get a more peaceful, comfortable and natural sleep while on the move. It combines a comfortable padded eye mask with an elasticated and adjustable head band support.

It comes in its own uniquely designed carry case, suitable to take on any journey. You can tuck it away in your bag or briefcase. It makes an ideal gift for anyone who is on the move and values peaceful sleep.

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BowlTopper – Suction Lid with ‘See-Thru’ Window

BowlTopper is the eco-friendly alternative to flimsy plastic containers. Designed to fit bowls of all sizes, you’ll never need to search for matchings plastic lids and containers again. Unlike plastic wrap or aluminum foil, BowlTopper is easy to seal and re-seal. Not you can worry less about creating disposable waste because you can reuse BowlTopper again and again. It’s safe for the environment and 100% BPA Free.

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THE UT.LAB LIGHT WING Trainers: the next step of changing the way footwear is brought to market

Our readers should remember the first crowdfunding campaign by Unbelievable Testing Laboratory officially launched in June 2013 on Kickstarter. THE UT.LAB is a mix of industrial designers, ceramic artists, logistics specialists, and serial entrepreneurs who are keen on science, design and footwear. Today they are changing the way footwear is brought to market, again.

The LIGHT WING shoes were being shipped to 57 countries, touching every continent except Antarctica. You can hardly remember any other successful footwear crowdfunding campaign launch not only on Kickstarter, but on all other crowdfunding platforms.

The next step in the evolution of THE UT.LAB has already begun on Crowdtilt. The initial startup’s goal to change the way footwear is brought to market is remained the same. Instead of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on manufacturing shoes ahead of time, and guessing what the market wants, THE UT.LAB wants to let you help them decide what shoes they will be bringing to market in 2014.

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Rubicon 3D scanner

Rubicon 3D is a simple and cost-effective 3d scanner. Despite it is a simple device, yet it is the powerful 3d scanner that will enable its users to turn real world objects into virtual 3d models.
It works in a such way: webcam takes a picture of an object on the turntable with both lasers on and off, then the software looks for differences in those pictures to detect the shape of your object. Next the turntable turns 0.45 degrees and the process repeats. 800 steps for a full 360° revolution.
After the scanning is complete, you would be able to export either a raw hi-polygon mesh or have it structured and optimized.

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Prosthesis – the world’s first human-controlled racing Anti-Robot

Prosthesis is the world’s first human-controlled racing robot and the beginning of the Anti-Robot Revolution. It is an educational research project aimed at inspiring the next generation of engineers, artists and mad-scientists by learning through doing. In its first 3 years of development, over 65 engineering and design students have been mentored and completed projects contributing to its creation.

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nio Card – A smart card which upgrades your phone and wallet

nio Card is a 4mm-thin Bluetooth card with NFC and cutting-edge sensors to replace the cards in your wallet and access exclusive apps.
nio Card is a slim card which upgrades your smartphone and wallet with NFC and high-tech sensors.
When your smartphone and nio Card are in range of each other, you unlock a growing range of exclusive nio apps which keep your digital life secure and your personal possessions safe.

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Ledge Pants: Stainproof Pants for Everyday Use

Ledge Pants are stainproof pants that are more durable than your jeans, but don’t look like it. The inside of The Pants are breathable and wick away sweat, while the outside repels water and stains. In fact, anything from apple juice to wine will slide right off as if The Pants were made of glass. Tougher stains like grease and oil can be rubbed off, or they will come out in the wash.

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Hyper-connectivity: Mobile Devices, the Internet of Things, and Big Data

According to MIT Technology review from Open Innovation Forum and Exhibition that was held in Moscow on 31 October-1 November 2013, there are many ways of exploring and getting involved into the world of mobile devices, the Internet of Things, and Big Data. Here are…

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Up-Shirt: the tee with the tiny environmental footprint

The Up-Shirt technology allows to mass produce a t-shirt with an 80% smaller environmental footprint.
T-shirts are an iconic, essential piece of clothing but, from crop to shop, they carry a pretty hefty environmental burden.The thing is, factory made t-shirts yield up to 40% wastage. That means 40% of that cotton is grown in vain and huge amounts of water and earth resources are wasted.
It’s taken years of hard work and research but authors of the startup came up with a clever design and production model to mass produce t-shirts using those leftovers. The team offers the up-shirts to sports events, music festivals, NGOs and other organisations who often order thousands, even tens of thousands of t-shirts.

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