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Reactive Grip™ – Touch Feedback for VR & Video Games

Reactive Grip touch feedback is a revolutionary new touch feedback technology to virtual reality and video games that blows the doors off traditional “rumble” vibration feedback. It works by mimicking the friction and shear forces that we feel in the real world when holding an object or touching a surface. This is accomplished by measuring the movements of the player’s hand and actuating small sliding plates in the grip of the controller to recreate the friction and shear forces you expect when holding an actual object such as a sword, slingshot, gun, or fishing rod. It is called Reactive Grip feedback because it reacts to your actions and motions in the virtual world.

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Woojer: Feel the Sound

Woojer is a Silent Wearable “Woofer” the Size of a Matchbox that Enables You to Actually FEEL the Sound.

Imagine stepping into your screen or mobile device while playing your favorite First Person Shooter and literally feeling the gun’s recoil and the shockwaves from explosions all around.

That tactile sensation is what Woojer is capable of bringing to any video game, as well as any other multimedia experience.

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Versatile Medusa Flashlight

Medusa is a versatile flashlight with 8 flexible arms, each tipped with a bright LED that eliminate shadows in small workspaces.

The Medusa Light is one of the most practical flashlights you will ever own. It has 8 flexible arms that you can use to create one direct source of bright light when bundled, or you can manipulate each arm to create multiple sources of light that will eliminate shadows when working in small spaces.

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Bublcam: 360º Camera Technology for Everyone

The bublcam is the world’s most innovative 360º camera, inside and out. The camera has been developed to be light and extremely portable (it’s slightly larger than a baseball). It was also created to provide users with the ability to capture 14 mega pixel spherical photos and videos at 1080p at 15 fps and 720p at 30fps. Special software suite lets you experience content by looking up, down and all around in any direction. You can even share your moments across your favourite social networks. It utilizes Wi-fi to allow you to live stream directly to your PC, mobile devices and via the web. It’s also easy to save your content to a MicroSD card. Your content will soon be available for storage directly to the cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive and Younity.

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BOSTON BOOT CO.: A Craft Approach to Men’s Boots

The Boston Boot Co.’s vision is to bring style, durability and comfort together in a pair of boots. Setting out to build a better boot, startup team started by looking out their window for inspiration. Their hometown of Boston is smart, rugged, classic in its style and bold in its innovation. And they designed their boots that way. And, as Boston is known for its crappy weather, Boston Boots are weather-proof and built to handle whatever is thrown their way.

The authors want to do for boots what microbreweries did for beer – bring back quality, character, and integrity to the products we use everyday. And they are doing it the same way too, by making the boots in small runs, dedicating time to all the details and engaging in a zealous pursuit to find the best methods, materials, and technologies for the boots.

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Bands of Clean: protect your health

The Band of Clean project is created to protect yourself with stylish wristbands that make keeping your hands clean, simple, convenient and cool! The unique product – patent pending wristband – is designed to allow you to clean your hands wherever and whenever you need.

Started by the lead designer – NYC school art and design teacher Gregory Francois and his colleague a NYC science teacher Roy Booth, the crew of startup has grown to a team of eight. They seek to make products that aim to keep you looking cool and also protect your health.

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ZIG-ZAG-LED: Virtual messages

You will be able to write any message within a few words and ZIG-ZAG-LED memorizes it. ZIG-ZAG-LED permits you to display your ideas in a maximum of 10 words of 8 characters.

ZIG-ZAG-LED has the option of being ordered with a message stored in his memory. It can be a logo, an e-mail, a comercial, whatever that fits in one image of 26×100 pixels. This attribute, in addition with the use for playful activities, permits you to make more powerful your trademark. The image can be reforced by printing your name or logo inside the printed circuit board. See the results at the picture below.

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Lapa: Your social lost & found

Lapa is an innovative device that finds anything you don’t want to lose by attaching a Lapa to it and finding it with the Lapa App for Android and iOS. But Lapa is also a lost & found social network inside a shell, that scans and remembers your Lapa’s location permanently, and if it gets lost, has the ability to alert anyone that passes by it to pick it up and give it back to you.

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bRight Switch: The new way to power your life

bRight Switch brings you two new switches and one new outlet. The Nirvana (nLine) Switch has a full-color touch-screen packed with advanced controls and features, while the Enhanced (eLine) Switch and Outlet deliver an auto-learning function and much, much more.

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The Peachy Printer: The First $100 3D Printer & Scanner

The authors of the project want to lower the cost and difficulty of 3D Printing to a point where it’s accessible to the masses. They want the 3D Printer to become a household item and a common part of life. Their second goal is to create a community set of specific moral principles, like using Freedom Respecting and Open Source software and hardware.

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