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The Peachy Printer: The First $100 3D Printer & Scanner

The authors of the project want to lower the cost and difficulty of 3D Printing to a point where it’s accessible to the masses. They want the 3D Printer to become a household item and a common part of life. Their second goal is to create a community set of specific moral principles, like using Freedom Respecting and Open Source software and hardware.

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Zim: the first dual head WiFi 3D printer

Zim is the first personal 3D printer to feature a dual extruders printing head WITH Ethernet & WiFi connectivity, an onboard micro-camera, smartphone and tablet control, and an exclusive refillable cartridge system. With Zim, 3D Printing is about to go mainstream, as everyone from hobbyists to children will now be able to print high quality 3D objects quickly and safely using various materials and colors, at an affordable price.

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The 3D Printing Extruder Reinvented: The Dual and Quad

D3D’S DUAL & QUAD are completely new versions of the traditional extruders, and are universally compatible with most modern 3D printers. The first universally adaptable and very compact 3D Printer extrusion, that provides up to 4 extruders in the same space as 2 ordinary extruders. At Dglass3D (D3D), authors are excited to showcase a brand new product, designed for makers, innovators, developers and 3D technology enthusiasts who are looking to achieve a whole new level of productivity and creativity.

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OpenSL 3D Printer: A Stereolithographic Printer For Everyone

sLAMPS is an open design resin printer. The printer works using a galvanometer and mirrors to steer a laser into a cured vat of resin. The resin cures at 405nm (which the laser puts out) and turns the liquid pool (Of Zero VOC Environmentally friendly resin) into little Yoda heads and Pink Panther Ladies. This innovative device will benefit your creativity and allow you to emphasize your individuality by creating a completely new stuff. sLAMPS is an inexpensive, powerful and solid device that will make your life more convenient.

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Bukito: Portable 3D Printer

The Bukito has been designed to be robust, reliable, fast and travel worthy. By using the aluminum V-slot slider system from Openbuilds, the authors have reduced the complexity of the whole printer’s frame while maintaining great rigidity. Since the sliders and structure are combined, it simplifies construction but keep things very precise. Weighing about as much as a laptop (under 6lbs / 2kg) and having a light but strong aluminum frame, it is convenient to be taken everywhere.

The printer also features an inherent factor of having a rigid construction and a very light weight extruder system.The authors have designed the Bukito’s special Bowden style extruder system to be as short and light as possible to give it speed and accuracy. Having an all metal nozzle setup allows the Bukito to handle many types of materials with out much risk of damaging the nozzle.

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Cyrus: open source 3D printer

Cyrus is a 3D printer that is designed to close the gap between consumers and makers. From kids to entrepreneurs who have great ideas but cannot afford prototyping this invention gives an opportunity to create their projects without any issues. This printer has a large build envelope, expandable, multiple printheads, heated bed and operates standalone.

Moreover, its metallic black frame blends nicely into any interior. All of the parts can be purchased worldwide due to the printer’s opensource nature.

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OpenBeam Kossel Pro – A new type of 3D Printer

About a year ago, Terence designed the OpenBeam Construction System as a low cost way to rapidly build mechanical prototypes. One of the application he had in mind was the construction of 3D Printers.

So, with the OpenBeam Construction System, Terence designed components that form the fundamental building blocks of 3D Printers and other small scale automation machines. These components are designed to be as modular and reusable as possible. This way, individual components can benefit from the economies of scale of modern mass production techniques while still allowing designs to iterate and evolve.

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Zortrax M200 – professional desktop 3D printer

Zortrax is an innovative 3D printer that features a rank of special functions. The important thing is that this is the first 3D printer that has compact design and ties space together. It’s provided with a solid, stable aluminum printer frame, guaranteeing high-precision printing. Its head was specially designed for ABS, PC-ABS and Nylon material and has an innovative, state-of-the-art high-precision material dosing mechanism.

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Desktop 3D Scanner

An easy-to-use, low-cost 3D scanning system that captures full colour, accurate 3D object data in minutes. The product was developed by company CADScan, based in the city of Chester, United Kingdom. This project was posted on KickStarter and has successfully raised its funding goal Mar?h 19, 2013.

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DeltaMaker – An Elegant 3D Printer

Delatamaker is an interesting project of team from Orlando, Florida (links to pages:  Facebook, YouTube, Twitter). Deltamaker is a 3D-printer, the distinctive feature of which is its custom design, allowing all sides to consider the fascinating process of creating sculpture. The project started on Kickstarter January 24,…

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