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1.33x Anamorphic Adapter Lens for iPhone 5/5S by Moondog Labs

Anamorphic lenses were introduced for filmmaking in the 1950’s to create an immersive, panoramic experience intended to compete with the widespread adoption of television. In addition to a wide aspect ratio, the anamorphic aesthetic is characterized by horizontal flares, distortion that creates a unique sense of depth or dimensionality, and oval “bokeh” or blur for out-of-focus areas. For these artistic reasons, anamorphic filmmaking has been enjoying a decades-long renaissance. However, due to the complexity and expense of the optics involved, anamorphic lenses are not readily available to most independent filmmakers. Moondog Labs believes there are stories best told with an anamorphic aesthetic, so they have developed an affordable 1.33x Anamorphic Adapter specifically for the iPhone 5/5S.

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1Sheeld: Replace your Arduino shields with your smart phone

1Sheeld is a new easily configured shield for Arduino. It is connected to a mobile app that allow the usage of all of Android smart phones’ capabilities such as LCD Screen, Gyroscope, Switches, LEDs, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, GSM, Wi-Fi, GPS …etc. into your Arduino sketch.
The product consists of two parts. The first part is a shield that is physically connected to your Arduino board and acts as a wireless middle-man, piping data between Arduino and any Android smartphone via Bluetooth. The second part is a software platform and app on Android smart phones that manages the communication between 1Sheeld and your smartphone and let you choose between different available shields.
By doing that, you can use 1Sheeld as input or output from Arduino and make use of all of the sensors and peripherals already available on your Android smartphone instead of buying the actual shields. You can use it to control an RC car using the phone’s gyroscope, or even tweet when someone enters the room.

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Neo-Plug: a new way to charge iPhone, iPad and Android

Neo-Plug is a new and convenient adapter that consists of 2 parts. The first part, the “adapter” slips over the existing data cable or charger and has very strong rare earth magnets on the end, neodymium magnets. These magnets allow the data cable or charger to effortlessly snap into place with the second part, the “plug”, which resides inside the iPhone, iPad or Micro USB device.
The charger can just snap into place by itself when it comes close to the port. Neo-Plug eliminates the likelihood of damaged hardware by simply inserting the “plug” carefully into the devices port and it remains inside the terminal.

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