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1Sheeld: Replace your Arduino shields with your smart phone

1Sheeld is a new easily configured shield for Arduino. It is connected to a mobile app that allow the usage of all of Android smart phones’ capabilities such as LCD Screen, Gyroscope, Switches, LEDs, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, GSM, Wi-Fi, GPS …etc. into your Arduino sketch.
The product consists of two parts. The first part is a shield that is physically connected to your Arduino board and acts as a wireless middle-man, piping data between Arduino and any Android smartphone via Bluetooth. The second part is a software platform and app on Android smart phones that manages the communication between 1Sheeld and your smartphone and let you choose between different available shields.
By doing that, you can use 1Sheeld as input or output from Arduino and make use of all of the sensors and peripherals already available on your Android smartphone instead of buying the actual shields. You can use it to control an RC car using the phone’s gyroscope, or even tweet when someone enters the room.

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SparqEE CELLv1.0: Cellular made easy

The CELLv1.0 is an easy-to-use cellular development kit. It can be added to an Arduino, Raspberry Pi or any other project you have to instantly add wireless communications capable of operating anywhere in the world.

The CELLv1 can be easily connected to Arduino and Raspberry Pi Shields. If you’re not using a shield, all you need are 4 connections – RX, TX, GND, and Vref so you can use your 3.3V or 5V system. The kit also includes a USB cable for power.

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Spark Core: Wi-Fi for Everything

Spark Core is a tiny Wi-Fi development board that makes it easy to create internet-connected hardware. The Core is all you need to get started; power it over USB and in minutes you’ll be controlling LEDs, switches and motors and collecting data from sensors over the Internet.

There is no need to ever plug the Core into your computer; users can write code in web IDE and download it wirelessly to the Core. The Core uses Wiring, the same programming language that Arduino uses. Plus, with an accessory called the Shield Shield, users can connect the Core to any standard Arduino shield.

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UDOO: Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer

UDOO is a mini PC that could run either Android or Linux, with an Arduino-compatible board embedded. It is a powerful prototyping board for software development and design. With a few steps everyone can start using it and creating their projects with minimum knowledge.

With UDOO people with different skills in coding and electronics can learn easily. UDOO board is flexible and can be used both by newbies and experts in coding and electronics. It is convenient for students and enthusiasts to learn, for teachers to teach and for professionals to build prototypes and create new projects.

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Fritz: A Robotic Puppet

Fritz is a robotic head, with moving eyes and jaw, but also (in the advanced version available) eyelids, eyebrows, lips and moving neck. Its contollers are set on a popular Arduino platform and Hobby Servo Motors.

It comes as a kit with laser-cut parts. After being assembled it is connected to a PC with a USB cable and can be controlled via a special app with a mouse, keystrokes, or even a joystick or game controller. Users can record a sequence of actions for Fritz and play them back, customize its face expressions or type some word which Fritz will say via its playback. There also some additional features offered like accessory faceplates for changing the robot’s look.

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Sparki – The Easy Robot for Everyone

Sparki is a simple robot based on Arduino controller for education and fun. It goes with complete tutorials and individual or classroom lesson plans for Sparki, all available for free. This robot can do lots of things, for instance, edge avoidance, line following, maze solving, wall avoidance and many others. It works out of the box with its remote control.

To write personal programs, users have to plug it in via USB, install the custom-enhanced Arduino software and try any of the dozens of example programs or create their own one. There are programs for every sensor and actuator on Sparki included. For instance, 1x Ultrasonic distance sensor gets distance from Sparki to walls or objects; 1x 3-Axis Accelerometer provides pick-up detection, fall detection and hill climbing. Spanki performs more than 15 commands, including drawing with a marker.

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RK-1: a wifi Arduino mobile robot for iOS & Android devices

The RK-1 is a mobile robot, that uses an ad hoc wifi connection, which is controlled using your iOS or Android device.
The control board on the robot is built on the Arduino hardware/software architecture, which is open source, and the controller software and hardware will also be available open source. The idea is to give the community the ability to make Arduino projects mobile.
The software to control the robot is available via Apple’s iTunes app store or Google play. The robot is controlled using swipe gestures. One just has to swipe the screen up, down, left, and right to make the robot go in those directions.

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Shrunk down an Arduino to the size of a finger-tip!

RFduino is a finger-tip sized, Arduino compatible, wireless enabled microcontroller, low cost enough to leave in all of your projects.

The RFduino runs Arduino code and can do everything an Arduino can, plus much more. Using the RFduino USB shield, simply plug the RFduino into a USB port of any computer and use the Arduino IDE to load your Arduino sketch, which automatically begins running on the RFduino.Then you can detach the RFduino USB shield and plug the RFduino directly into your project.

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