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Pedal Power – Human Scale Energy For Everyday Tasks

The bicycle is one of the most ubiquitous and indispensable technologies ever developed. It is efficient, elegant, environmentally friendly, fun, healthy, inexpensive, and user-maintainable. It is a human scale means of travel that increases our range and speed ten-fold — yet we only use its core technology for transportation even though it is suitable for performing a multitude of tasks.
For the past five years, authors of the Pedal Power startup have designed and built stationary pedal-powered machines (dubbed “dynapods” by Alex Weir). In addition to several custom dynapods, they have developed two core products: 1) the Big Rig, a multifunction machine with a built-in seat and work surface, and 2) the Pedal Genny, a more portable, single function machine. Their machines are built by hand in their spare time and are expensive as a result. The guys hope that someday these machines will be as economical and widespread as the bicycle.

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Semester Bicycle: Made of Natural Material

This bike is constructed of bamboo and steel. The company’s proprietary “Hextubes” make bicycles truly unique. Hextubes are structural stressed skin composites: a bamboo core is skinned on the inside with carbon fiber and covered on the outside with a durable glass or epoxy lamination. These engineered Hextubes are consistent in size, strength and performance. They are incredibly strong and lightweight. By laminating dissimilar materials, the company has also successfully dampened road induced vibration. No other bicycle is made like the Semester and no bike rides like it.

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Loopwheels: a smoother, more comfortable bicycle ride

Loopwheels are a brand-new bicycle wheel with integral suspension. A spring system between the hub and the rim of the wheel provides suspension, cushioning the rider from bumps and potholes in the road. Loopwheels have a conventional hub with a hub brake and hub gears. But the spokes are replaced by a spring system. This gives an amazingly smooth, comfortable ride compared with a conventional spoked wheel.

When riding a loopwheel users don’t experience the usual feeling of vibration up the arms, because loopwheels absorb and isolate riders from the “noise” of the road. This provides less wrist and shoulder ache on long rides. The pedalling cadence is slightly different when one rides loopwheels, because the springs release energy more evenly. This makes for a very smooth easy ride.

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Urban Tour – High-Quality And Versatile Bicycle

Urban Tour is a new bike designed as a versatile all-rounder, perfect for light touring, city riding and commuting. The frame will be made from all U.S. sourced materials including high quality True Temper double-butted 4130 steel alloy. This paired with our TIG welded construction and lugged fork produces a responsive, lightweight and durable bicycle that will last a lifetime.

Each bike comes equipped with cantilever brake mounts, water bottle bosses, and rack or fender mounts, making it a versatile and rugged do anything bicycle.

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StemLite: Integrated Bicycle Light

Nick Sweeney and James Voshell from Santa Clarita, CA, USA, present their project StemLite – integrated bicycle light.
The KickStarter project was launched on February 14, 2013 with a goal to raise $45,000 but by March 16, 2013 only $3,207 was pledged, so the funding was unsuccessful.

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The Nutter – The next generation of Bicycle Multi Tool

The Nuter – is a multipurpose tool designed to make life of cyclists easier. The author of this project is Mark Windsor, a designer from London (links to the site and page on Facebook). The fundraising campaign started on KickStarter on February 18, 2013 and collected necessary £8,000 just in a few days.

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NexiBike: A Folding Commuter Bicycle

The design concept for NexiBike started in Boston at Nexus Machine and Gallery and has gone through numerous iterations since its inception. Nexus Machine and Gallery is a machine shop facility used by artists and entrepreneurs as an incubator for their projects. The most consequential change…

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Carmichael & Co. Bike Bags

The bicycle is a very useful vehicle; but it is also a way to relax, to spend energy, and to explore the countryside. It also is a wonderful family-oriented activity. Ava Marie Carmichael from Denver, Colorado, United States created Bike Bags that are very easy…

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