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Powerslayer: a revolution in charging

Velvetwire is starting a revolution in charging. Standard USB chargers just recharge our devices, are unimaginative, boring and wasteful. And when they’re finished charging, they continue drawing power that’s wasted.
Powerslayer is a new kind of charger – savvy, responsible, convenient, elegant and very, very intelligent.

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Sol Cuff: Solar Powered Charging Wristband with Illumination

Sol Cuff is a wearable solar battery charger wristband that also features a hands free lighting solution. Its main feature is that it recharges itself using normal everyday lighting exposure.

Sol Cuff also provides bright illumination conveniently around your wrist so you can easily see where your going or where you are placing you hands. Motorists and others will be able to see where you are as well. Runners, hikers, campers, fishermen or any activity where light may be needed will greatly benefit from the hands free lighting element of Sol Cuff.

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FlameStower: Charge Your Gear With Fire

FlameStower is a revolutionary charger that powers USB gear from fire, giving everyone the energy we need – outside or in-home, no grid required.

FlameStower efficiently captures excess heat from cooking or campfires to charge your USB-powered devices: cell phones, GPS, and more. Its design allows for easy setup, charging, and storing, making FlameStower your affordable, portable solution for energy on the go.

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Glowdeck: wireless charger

Glowdeck is a portable product that wirelessly charges your phone, glows to notify you of mobile activity and plays music. Glowdeck charges mobile devices completely wirelessly: simply place your phone on Glowdeck’s surface and it begins to charge. Glowdeck’s light system can notify you of incoming messages by flashing. One thing that makes live music exciting is concert lighting. Glowdeck will help you to enjoy smart lighting effects when listening to recorded music at home as it comes with a pair of high-quality Bluetooth speakers and seamlessly connects to your WiFi networks.

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juiceBee – New Portable Power Solution

juiceBee is the first portable charging and backup solution that combines a wall charger and a battery backup system – allowing them to dock and charge together or separately. It’s beautifully designed, packs a lot under the hood, ultra-compact and you can hold it in the palm of your hand.

In addition, the authors added an emergency LED flashlight, multiple ways to recharge the battery backup, a zero power drain feature that only draws power when a device is connected, best-in-class power management and dual surge protection circuitry to protect your device–and ultimately your home.

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Neo-Plug: a new way to charge iPhone, iPad and Android

Neo-Plug is a new and convenient adapter that consists of 2 parts. The first part, the “adapter” slips over the existing data cable or charger and has very strong rare earth magnets on the end, neodymium magnets. These magnets allow the data cable or charger to effortlessly snap into place with the second part, the “plug”, which resides inside the iPhone, iPad or Micro USB device.
The charger can just snap into place by itself when it comes close to the port. Neo-Plug eliminates the likelihood of damaged hardware by simply inserting the “plug” carefully into the devices port and it remains inside the terminal.

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GoStacked: You Can Extend the Functionality Of Your iPhone

The GoStacked System allows users to attach different device cards on the Hybrid Smart Case that will provide additional features.

Hybrid Smart Case System extends the functionality of an iPhone as well as protects it. If different device cards are attached to the hybrid case and users are stacked with an additional function.

Device cards enable an added feature and function that the iPhone does not currently have. The authors to started off with two features more power with the GoBattery device card and “going green” with the GoSolar device card.When a user is away from a power outlet all day, they can stack on the GoSolar device card and the Hybrid Case will charge in either solar or ambient light.

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BOLT: Portable USB Battery Backup with Built in Wall Charger

Bolt is the world’s smallest portable USB wall charger combined with a built in 3000mAh rechargeable battery that will charge mobile devices for a minimum of 500 cycles without degrading.

Bolt will charge any device that charges via USB: smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, most point and shoot cameras, rugged video cameras such as GoPro, eReaders, Bluetooth devices and much more. Once charged, Bolt is plugged into a desired device and the charging will begin.It is designed for every day carry and can be used anywhere.

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AMETROS – Flexible Wireless Charger

AMETHROS is a wireless charging system for iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 with a charging case and charging pad. This charging system is based on inductive charging principle. It is composed of two parts: power transmitter and power receiver.

The wireless charging case is made from flexible rubber that is soft to the touch. It protects the phone from daily scratches and occasional drops. Electronic charging circuitry is printed on flexible material and embedded within the case. The wireless charging pads come in two different models: stationary and on the go charging pads. To charge a cellphone users just have to place their phone in a charging case down on the pad. The charging pads work with any cell phone equipped with our wireless charging case.

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World’s first iPhone 5 Interchangeable Battery

Shark Design – an American company founded in Miami-Beach, Florida, has developed NuCharge – a stylish slim battery block for your iPhone5. Being launched on KickStarter plaform on the 26th of February 2013 this campaign has already gathered $20,596 from $15,000 necessary. The last date of pledging is the 28th of March 2013. NuCharge battery is the ultimate 2 in 1 accessory for your iPhone – the most advanced iPhone battery case ever made.

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