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Barley & Britches: The Everyday Chino

Barley & Britches (B&B) is a progressive clothing company developed in the heart of New York City’s fashion district. The company is striking out to create a premium fashion brand that is forward thinking and innovative, suited for everyday life and affordable. Premium quality without the premium price and middlemen.

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Ledge Pants: Stainproof Pants for Everyday Use

Ledge Pants are stainproof pants that are more durable than your jeans, but don’t look like it. The inside of The Pants are breathable and wick away sweat, while the outside repels water and stains. In fact, anything from apple juice to wine will slide right off as if The Pants were made of glass. Tougher stains like grease and oil can be rubbed off, or they will come out in the wash.

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Altered-Apparel: women’s wear collection

Altered-Apparel is a collection of women’s wear that features unique combination of vintage and so-called urban-chic. The author of this collection needs funding to launch market on several platforms and be able to create new original collections.

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RISKY TRAILER: Mobile Pop-Up Shop by RISK

The team asked Piotr P?oski from Studio smallna to design a mobile pop-up shop for us so they could travel and show the projects all around the world. The designer decided to reconstruct the trailer Niewiadow N126 and help the girls with the store. Thus, the trailer is almost ready, but still needs to rework such as a waterproof roof for protection of goods from moisture, kettle and fridge, DJ setup, and of course a car. The team really needs a trailer for sale fashionable and beautiful clothes that are made of the best materials for high-quality equipment. Brand RISK manufactures qualitative and stylish clothing for young men and women. To create each item they use only the finest fabrics and accessories and the girls are hoping that their clothes will be appreciated by customers.

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STANTT™: Casual Shirts Get a Custom Fit

Now there’s a better way. With data and technology, it is easy to design clothes you look and feel great in. The company has spent plenty of time measuring human bodies in order to create sizes that will fit everyone. The result of the work is impressive – the company’s specialists managed to develop 50 different sizes for each type of body. This great work was done for customers to be sure their clothes will fit.

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Centennial Trading Co: Quality USA Made Apparel

Through Kickstarter the authors will expand their current small level knit production into a full clothing line, starting with their first venture into woven goods: a pair of canvas pants and a pair of jeans. Pants will be quality made from Mount Vernon duck canvas, and jeans will use selvedge Cone Denim from the White Oak plant in Greensboro, NC.

The authors also plan to make a heavy duty button down shirt from the same selvedge fabrics, sourcing all trims for each project through US makers.

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Made in Fukushima projects: Plain and High-Quality T-Shirts

The loop-wheeled fabric the FUKUSHIMA PROJECTS T-Shirts are made of is coming from Wakayama, Western part of Japan, near Osaka. The fabrics are slowly knitted by vintage machines and one machine only can make several meters per day. The fabric is super soft and very confortable and retains its softness wash after wash.

The authors wanted to make it as simple and classic as possible. However, they also wanted to differentiate from just a simple t-shirt. Thus they decided to put embroidering on the bottom right hand side at the front. The embroidery is the design of the survived pine tree – the famous miracle pine Tree that survived 2011 Japanese tsunami which is rebuilt as monument to 19,000 victims of the disaster.

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PLAN #: Ultra Fashionable Collection Of Clothing

PLAN # is a spring-summer collection produced in collaboration with a talented designer Daniel Silverstain. The whole lineup was inspired by Daniel’s favourite city – New York. All clothes feature iconic, urban style with geometric shapes used in patterns.

The monochromatic pieces, with quilting work and grid lines, reflect two strong characteristics of the NYC – multicultural and individualism, with clearly separated neighborhoods of different cultures represented in the lines of quilting and edging.

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Project X Squared: fashionable clothes for versatile personalities

The team presents a line of fashionable men’s and women’s wear. This collection includes original coats, jumpers and hoodies.

The Labcoat is an outwear which creates a look of a scientist due to its design that resembles a laborary coat. The semi-sheen nylon used in this piece creates a lightweight outerwear garment that is easy to wear and perfect for spring or summer. The Jumpers are made of waterproof coated silk fabric and goes with any shoes or pants style which makes it rather convenient and versatile. The Hoodie’s heat reactive exterior changes colors depending on light, or body heat. It has an ultra soft interior and oversized hood.

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THE BLUER DENIM – 100% Made in The USA Jeans

BLUER DENIM is a transparently sourced American premium denim brand. It features world-class, 100% Made-in-the-USA jeans and denim products exclusively online, at previously impossible prices. BLUER aspires to become a global leader in ethical business practices that include providing recycled and re-purposed denim to people in need, as well as strict corporate responsibility and a reduced environmental impact.

The jeans are cut, sewn, washed and hand-finished in Los Angeles using eco-friendly ozone laundry processes.

Every pair of jeans and every jacket has a unique serial number sewn into the garment that allows to identify when the product was sold.

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