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The Peachy Printer: The First $100 3D Printer & Scanner

The authors of the project want to lower the cost and difficulty of 3D Printing to a point where it’s accessible to the masses. They want the 3D Printer to become a household item and a common part of life. Their second goal is to create a community set of specific moral principles, like using Freedom Respecting and Open Source software and hardware.

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Paradise Desk: Everything you’ve ever wanted in a desk

The Paradise desk is the first desk designed completely for computer enthusiasts who want a premium desk.
The Paradise desk is the first desk designed completely for computer enthusiasts and gamers who want a premium desk. The concept stems from the idea that a desk should acts like an extension of your computer and all computer devices, including the computer & monitor, directly plug into the desk. This concept makes it easier to plug in and maneuver devices without awkwardly bending over or reaching behind your computer, as such with current desks. It also allows you to avoid the tangled wire mess beneath the desk, by plugging in the computer and its devices directly into the desk.

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Legion: The Battery Reinvented

Legion is a portable energy source with a built-in Organic LED display coupled with a microprocessor. It can charge any USB powered electronic devices.
Unlike a traditional portable battery where you’re left in the dark about the state of charge of your battery, Legion learns how you use your electronic devices and displays precisely how much more time (day:hours:minutes) you have remaining until you run out of power. Legion uses premium grade Lithium Polymer batteries designed to maximize your energy density while packing it into the smallest area possible. Legion is designed in Silicon Valley, California.

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MiiPC – Power to the Parents

MiiPC is a compact personal computing device that runs on the Android® operating system. It can be connected to a computer monitor (or TV) and instantly turn it into a learning, media and entertainment station. It is designed for large screen and can be connected to a TV screen via built-in HDMI output and a special Android App.

The MiiPC user can surf the web, play games, watch videos, edit documents, and run Android apps. Different user accounts for each person in your family can be set so each user will have their own private MiiPC desktop.A companion mobile app provides parental control for MiiPC. Patents can set guidelines for kids’ online activities and get real-time monitoring.

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Project X Squared: fashionable clothes for versatile personalities

The team presents a line of fashionable men’s and women’s wear. This collection includes original coats, jumpers and hoodies.

The Labcoat is an outwear which creates a look of a scientist due to its design that resembles a laborary coat. The semi-sheen nylon used in this piece creates a lightweight outerwear garment that is easy to wear and perfect for spring or summer. The Jumpers are made of waterproof coated silk fabric and goes with any shoes or pants style which makes it rather convenient and versatile. The Hoodie’s heat reactive exterior changes colors depending on light, or body heat. It has an ultra soft interior and oversized hood.

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PJ reefs: Miniature Saltwater Aquarium

PJ reefs is the first self sustaining/low maintenance saltwater aquarium that can contain certain species of corals. While this is a small aquarium of a very low maintenance it is able to maintain a large biodiversity of life including certain corals. It contains non-photosynthetic corals and filter feeders so the system and maintenance becomes geared toward maintaining these types of livestock in such a small space.

The PJ reefs includes a special lamp, specially designed for maintaining the balance in the tank. The lamp can be turned in different directions to provide the ecosystem with a necessary level of lighting.

The goal of this project is to show people abilities of nature and sea life and provide them with a good deal of education.

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HALO Fuel Cell: A Charger For Your Outdoor Needs

The HALO Fuel Cell is an outdoor charger for USB devices when the user is outside and needs some power. It is designed to work with a standard fuel canister. The gas stove generates electricity that goes into USB ports and empowers a USB device.
It has two USB ports for simultaneous charging of an iPad, iPhone and other USB devices.
It is portable, compact, and durable. HALO allows people to keep electronics running while on camping trips or the times they are left without electricity.

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