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Legion: The Battery Reinvented

Legion is a portable energy source with a built-in Organic LED display coupled with a microprocessor. It can charge any USB powered electronic devices.
Unlike a traditional portable battery where you’re left in the dark about the state of charge of your battery, Legion learns how you use your electronic devices and displays precisely how much more time (day:hours:minutes) you have remaining until you run out of power. Legion uses premium grade Lithium Polymer batteries designed to maximize your energy density while packing it into the smallest area possible. Legion is designed in Silicon Valley, California.

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Jambadoo: a Bluetooth receiver that can connect to 3 devices

Jambadoo is a Bluetooth audio receiver that can connect to 3 devices simultaneously and play music from all of them, while giving great sound quality. As soon as you press PLAY, your phone’s music comes out from the speakers. When connected devices start playing, music on your device is automatically paused.

Jambadoo uses high quality audio codecs such as aptX and gives users digital audio output in addition to the standard analogue one. There is also great battery life (10h+) and good range (10 to 20m).

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Campbell’s Camp Stove – Compact Survival Camp Stove

Campbell’s Campstove is the fun and easy-to-use gadget for campfire comfort and cooking for hunter, hiker, biker or backyard enthusiasts.

The most unique aspect of Campstove is the modular design which allows for flat storage 3.2 cm. The complete stove can fit inside a small purse. Included Grille provides excellent support for a pot or pan. It’s now possible to cook some items without even using a pan, just like a barbecue. Grille supports provide adequate clearance to accommodate reloading of additional fuel without removing a pot or pan. Additionally, the grille supports are designed to prevent pots and pans from sliding off the cooking surface.

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Visionnaire – Fine Writing Instruments

Visionnaire is a pen with minimalistic and timeless design. It features handcrafted iridium German precision nib and eco -friendly re-fillable converter. If needed, users can also use cartridges. Visionnaire’s re-fillable converter and cartridges are compatible with any ink color & most popular brands. The pen comes with two additional ink cartridges.

The pen is also convenient for its small weight – 34 grams with ink full. The stylish and durable design presents chrome plated and obsidian lacquer finish with chrome accents.

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Hovertrax: A New Kind Of An Eco-Friendly Vehicle

Hovertrax is an auto-balancing, electric transporter without leaning curve.
At the slightest lean of users’ feet, the Hovertrax travels forward, backwards, turns left and right, and rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, responding to foot movement. The Hovertrax has two halves that tilt independently of each other. Each wheel has its own motor, each equipped with a gyro sensor and accelerometer.
The Hovertrax can reach speed of 10 KPH and its travel range is 4 miles or 6.5Km. Charging takes about 1 hour. Due to its small weght (about 4 kgs) the Hovertrax is portable and convenient.

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Bugatti 100P replica – honoring the memory of 1930s

The original Bugatti 100P was a giant leap forward in the late 1930s, featuring advanced systems and cutting-edge aerodynamics. The plane survived the war intact, but was cannibalized and all but forgotten for fifty years.

The team’s mission is to build and fly a replica of the Bugatti 100P, the most elegant and technologically-advanced airplane of its time. The project’s wide appeal has attracted scores of volunteers from eleven countries. Thus, the airframe is being built in the US; the propellers were designed in Sweden and made in Great Britain, as was the complex propeller gearbox; aerodynamic studies are underway in Brazil. The team has engineering consultants in France and Germany.

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YOXO: fueling kid inventors

YOXO is a recyclable construction kit that inspires kids to invent their own toys using durable, recycled chipboard connectors that come in Y, O and X shapes.

YOXO encourages kids to create with materials they find around the house, especially cardboard tubes. Each one could be turned into a toy using YOXO. Kids learn about spatial relations and how to use YOXO by assembling what’s on the box from the links, tubes and curved pieces included in the kit. Then they disassemble that toy, add stuff they find around the house and create anything they can imagine.

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BOLT: Portable USB Battery Backup with Built in Wall Charger

Bolt is the world’s smallest portable USB wall charger combined with a built in 3000mAh rechargeable battery that will charge mobile devices for a minimum of 500 cycles without degrading.

Bolt will charge any device that charges via USB: smartphones, tablets, mp3 players, most point and shoot cameras, rugged video cameras such as GoPro, eReaders, Bluetooth devices and much more. Once charged, Bolt is plugged into a desired device and the charging will begin.It is designed for every day carry and can be used anywhere.

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AMETROS – Flexible Wireless Charger

AMETHROS is a wireless charging system for iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 with a charging case and charging pad. This charging system is based on inductive charging principle. It is composed of two parts: power transmitter and power receiver.

The wireless charging case is made from flexible rubber that is soft to the touch. It protects the phone from daily scratches and occasional drops. Electronic charging circuitry is printed on flexible material and embedded within the case. The wireless charging pads come in two different models: stationary and on the go charging pads. To charge a cellphone users just have to place their phone in a charging case down on the pad. The charging pads work with any cell phone equipped with our wireless charging case.

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