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“Affordable Luxury”: The Urban Xplorer Xperience

Urban Xplorer is not just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. UX gear is created for people who want to go out and “Xperience” life, discover new destinations and cultivate new relationships. The purpose of the company is to help you Xperience it™.Urban Xplorer is committed to providing exceptional value to the customers. The project authors design, make, and sell quality travel and lifestyle products; products that are stylish, functional, customizable and created to help individuals “Xplore” the world around them by making it easier for them to “Xperience it.”

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Fishspace: Create Your Own Fish Place

Fishspace is the first fish tank of its kind where you can attach toy building bricks such as LEGO or Megabloks to a rim along the top, inside and underneath to create a scene for your pet fish.

Fishspace will help you create a stimulating, bright environment and keep a happy, healthy fish. Fishspace is the largest Fish Tank under $30.00, it is 2 gallons in size. This gives you plenty of room for bricks, and the fish plenty of swimming room.

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Made to Measure: Modern Furniture

For the time being the authors can present to the audience two designs: minimalist table, and a versatile shelving system. The Profile Table is a minimalist yet flexible addition to any room. Its variable sizing means it functions equally well as a large coffee table, end table, or even a bench. The users can customize the size to fit their space exactly and choose a wood that compliments the existing furnishings.

Shelf by the Foot is a versatile and sturdy shelf that mounts on almost any wall surface. It’s fabricated from premium plywood and uses solid wood splines for added strength. The mounting bracket is hidden, simple to install, and allows the shelf to ‘float’ slightly off the wall. It’s based on a simple ‘L’ shape and the vertical surface of the shelf is structural while adding the warmth of a wood accent to any wall.

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Knot Theory: Bow Ties with Infinite Looks

Infinity Bow Ties are stylish, high quality, self-tying bow ties that are cleverly designed to give you an incredible number of bow tie combinations without buying many bow ties. You can personalize your tie, choosing from any of fabrics and choose between diamond point and butterfly wing tips.

Once the funding is in place the startup’s challenge will be the production. The team has been designing neckties and bow ties for 3 years, and has built a network of experience, skilled, and reliable tailors and seamstresses. They also have a couple suppliers to help minimize the risk of not getting the supplies needed.

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Hatch: Elevate the Egg

Hatch is a useful and stylish alternative to the traditional egg-cup with an elegant hand cast pewter ribbon.The final shape of Hatch was derived from projecting a continuous series of curves onto an egg shaped volume and then removing as much excess material as possible. The aim of the project was to bring an aesthetic view to this item of houseware and make egg-cups be not only functional but also decorative and stylish.

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Kraftlyn-Legacy: casket-display for your treasures

Kraftlyn-Legacy is a casket display for preserving keepsakes in the high-quality conditions. It features humidity control, music–USB interface, UV protective coating, locking mechanism and customizable lower compartments for variant sized keepsakes. It is hermetically sealed and has an exquisite design that will decorate your flat.

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Divisione Furniture Collection

The Divisione Collection comprises of four pieces and centers on the design approach of taking a simple singular form, and creating an object of seeming complexity through repetition. Each item comes in a natural finish, untreated. This creates a paradox between accurately defined design forms, and original materials; with evidence of their manufacturing.

The main issue concerning the project is that Neil looks forward to exhibiting at TENT Design Show, but in case any delays arise, his place may be taken by someone else.

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ADX: make it yourself

ADX is placed in the heart of Southeast Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District membership-based design and prototyping facility. Here, people enjoy and love DIY and like keeping it local.

The 10,000 square-foot facility includes various tools and computers, in a word – everything you need to become a part of the community of smart people, makers and DIY lovers. Here you may find Wood & Metal Shop,Laser Studio, CNC Router and 3-D Printing, Industrial Sewing Machines, Co-Working Office Spaces, The Ninkasi Better Living Room, In-House Fabrication Services and Business & Marketing Services.In-house fabrication team can help you making everything you want from consultations and to production and manufacturing.

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PAKPAK: Bags That Do More Than Just Carry Stuff

The idea of creating a line of water repellent bags came up to Armando after he soaked to the bone in the rain that ruined everything in his bag including camera and cellphones.

Thus, Armando got down to work and finally he is going to share with the world his first colletion of water-repellent bags of different styles from a backpack with lots of space to a stylish lady bag.

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The StartUp Tank`s progress analytics: projects published on Kickstarter

During the first half of 2013 year the StartUp Tank organization has supported 273 startups that were published on Kickstarter. There are 5 areas our company focuses on: Technology, Design, Fashion, Philanthropy and International Trade. Among them there are startups connected with such subjects as…

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