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Stool: eco-furniture

Surprisingly, this project was inspired by the waste that is seen everyday – the corrugated paperboard boxes. The corrugated paper was invented in 1856 and patented in England. Two decades later, Albert Jones of New York used the corrugated paper for shipping materials and patented it on December 20, 1871.Soon, in 1895, the wooden crates and boxes were being replaced by corrugated paper shipping cartons. There are so many applications of the corrugated paperboard such as furniture and packaging. One down factor in this material is that – deformation is likely to occur after 1.5 year.

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GoSun Stove: Portable, High Efficiency Solar Cooker

The GoSun Stove is the first truly practical fuel-free cooking solution. It cooks a meal in as little as 20 minutes in moderate sunlight. With GoSun you can cook in any way you like, including baking, boiling and frying.This stove can be used in different weather conditions: if it is sunny, you can cook even after a snow or when it is windy. More than that, GoSun keeps food hot for hours due to evacuated tube technology.

The stove is rather convenient by design as it can be deployed in seconds and weighs less than 4lbs. When you are done cooking, you must just fold up your GoSun and go.

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C-1 Concept: The Future Is Finally Here

The C-1 is a fully-enclosed electric motorcycle that has all the comforts you expect from a car, like climate control and a premium sound system. It can carry up to two people and to hit speeds of up to 120 miles per hour with a battery range of about 200 miles per charge.It features a sleek design allowing you to park, navigate and lane-split in crowded urban areas easily.

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Hovertrax: A New Kind Of An Eco-Friendly Vehicle

Hovertrax is an auto-balancing, electric transporter without leaning curve.
At the slightest lean of users’ feet, the Hovertrax travels forward, backwards, turns left and right, and rotates clockwise and counterclockwise, responding to foot movement. The Hovertrax has two halves that tilt independently of each other. Each wheel has its own motor, each equipped with a gyro sensor and accelerometer.
The Hovertrax can reach speed of 10 KPH and its travel range is 4 miles or 6.5Km. Charging takes about 1 hour. Due to its small weght (about 4 kgs) the Hovertrax is portable and convenient.

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EarthBaked: Biodegradable footwear

EarthBaked is a lightweight, easy-to-pack shoe that gives back to the environment at the end of it’s life. It is made of wool and intended to people from third world countries who suffer from different diseases because they don’t wear shoes as well as to those who wants to contribute to ecology, as tons of old shoes are wasted every year.

Making the EarthBaked shoe was intended to be simple. With an industrial sewing machine, scissors, a pattern, and some material a family in a developing country could pull themselves out of poverty by making and selling shoes to others in their community.

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The RamRocket™: A Space Age Green Building System

RamRocket™ is a portable, high-performance machine which uses hydraulic pressure to fabricate interlocking building blocks out of nonhazardous urban-industrial wastes, billions tons of which pile up on plant sites and in landfills all around the world every year.

The RamRock™ system customizes block production for each individual structure via an automated process that specifies the exact location of every block and block type in every course of every wall. These blocks are highly resistant to fire and wind damage, projectile penetration, insect infestation, and sound infiltration.

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SPORElife – Create Your own Vase

SPORElife is an eco-friendly vase that everyone can create from a cardboard sheet. With each vase, SPORElife offers a pack of seeds for re-discovering plants long forgotten – Common borage, Common dandelion,Common poppy, Little hogweed, Wild chives, Thyme, Lesser calamint and Sweet fennel.

The vase was designed in Italy and consists of a cardboard sheet, covered with 2 plastic films that make it waterproof and resistant (the vase contains 3-4.5 liters depending on configuration).? The vase will take its shape starting from a flat sheet, allowing users to create the shape they want while reducing and optimizing space during production and transportation.?

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Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity

The aim of The Glowing Plants project is to create envinronmental friendly way of lightning streets and houses. Biological engineers combined a firefly’s DNA and Arabidopsis and as a result they got their first glowing plant. To make this new engineered DNA, scientists used synthetic biology and Genome Compiler Software. They designed the DNA sequences and after the project is funded they will print it and transform into a target plant to send to the backers. What is more, Glowing Plants may become not only the first sustainable source of lighting, but are likely to inspire and educate people about synthetic biology and outline a policy framework to help others launch similar projects.

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“The Big Face Woody”: The watches that are really lightweight, durable and eco-friendly!

NFNT is a company founded by college students from Hawaii, USA! Ambitious guys want to produce the watches made all from natural bamboo! “The Big Face Woody” is a lightweight, durable and eco-friendly watches that you will really love! The project was launched on the KickStarter on…

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