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Draper University for Heroes

Draper University is an eight weeks school (six in summer) for innovators that will enable every student to create his or her own company and get some funding.

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Zipfian Academy: Become a Specialist Without Entering a University

Zipfian Academy that is located in San Francisco – an intensive 12-week program aimed to cultivate the knowledge and skills necessary to become proficient in data science. Zipfian Academy’s practitioners in the field with hands-on projects and real-world applications developed a custom curriculum.

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Rock Health: promoting health projects

Do you have an idea or startup that’s working to solve a health-related issue? Rock health is a company that concerned with catalyzing innovations in the digital health space. With Rock health you’ll get an access to the community of experts through the accelerator program that lasts 4 months. Rock health is a powerful tool assisting you to turn your idea into a business.

The company offers $100,000 optional investment collectively offered by Aberdare Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, the Mayo Clinic, and Mohr Davidow, $30,000 worth of goods, services, and discounts, Office space at the downtown San Francisco, Expert medical support from Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, and UCSF, Access to the corporate partners including GE, Genentech, Nike, Qualcomm, Quest Diagnostics, and UnitedHealth, Mentorship and weekly workshops from experts in design, health policy, lean startup methodology, financing and more.

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Deep Dive into Silicon Valley November 2013

RIS Ventures, the informational partner of StartUp Tank and StartUp Genesis, invites ambitious technology entrepreneurs and investors to attend Deep Dive into Silicon Valley held in the center of technology entrepreneurship community, Silicon Valley, November 11-22.

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EDUCAUSE – Uncommon Thinking for the Common Good

EDUCAUSE is a nonprofit association whose mission is to advance higher education through the use of information technology. EDUCAUSE continually refines its strategic directions to remain relevant to current needs and issues in higher education technology.

EDUCAUSE provides programs, activities and resources focused on knowledge creation and dissemination, collaboration and community, analysis and advocacy, career and leadership development, experimentation.

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FounderFuel: Essential Help For Startups

FounderFuel is an intensive 12-week mentor-driven startup accelerator that will help the startup increase traction, secure partnerships, and get to revenue faster, all in effort to help entrepreneurs raise follow-on funding. The company is focused on startups in the web, mobile, saas and gaming spaces. FounderFuel provides seed funding and access to a network of investors (VCs and Angels), experienced entrepreneurs and top executives, all to help you accelerate the success of your business. The company provides everything that entrepreneurs need to get to the next level.

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This article will review StartUp Tank organization progress in such issue as “Education”. The information presented is in accordance to the Indiegogo startups. There were built several trends based on the sample data that help you to identify the main tendencies. The project includes analysis of several parameters:…

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MOOC: The Future of Education

By the 1890s the commercial and academic correspondence courses on specialized topics such as civil rights and shorthand were promoted by door-to-door salesmen. Then, in 1994, using the gopher and email, James J. O’Donnell of the University of Pennsylvania launched an Internet seminar on the…

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HackEDA: Electronics For Your Project

HackEDA is a collection of reusable-sized pieces of electronic designs, along with the knowledge necessary to reuse them in new designs. The library of designs is available to browse online, so users can download the individual bits, as well as create custom circuits by selecting the features a project needs. It can recreate things that others have done before and arrange them in original ways.

Library of designs includes stuff like wireless radios, sensors, and motor drivers. Then the smart software makes it all work together. Next, projects are integrated with manufacturing to seamlessly transfer the designs to reality.

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Fritz: A Robotic Puppet

Fritz is a robotic head, with moving eyes and jaw, but also (in the advanced version available) eyelids, eyebrows, lips and moving neck. Its contollers are set on a popular Arduino platform and Hobby Servo Motors.

It comes as a kit with laser-cut parts. After being assembled it is connected to a PC with a USB cable and can be controlled via a special app with a mouse, keystrokes, or even a joystick or game controller. Users can record a sequence of actions for Fritz and play them back, customize its face expressions or type some word which Fritz will say via its playback. There also some additional features offered like accessory faceplates for changing the robot’s look.

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